In recent years, China Customs has actively pushed forward various reforms and introduced new policies with greater frequency. While this has made some customs clearance processes easier, it has also created challenges. Enterprises can explore a number of strategies to increase the efficiency of customs clearance and reduce the costs of importing into and exporting from mainland China. These strategies include special processing trade arrangements, special customs supervision areas, free trade agreements (FTAs) and other strategies.

Moreover, with rapid changes to the external environment, international trade is facing great uncertainty worldwide. In light of this, enterprises need to formulate strategies attuned to their businesses and sectors of operation, such as compliance management, go-global strategies, financing structures, supply chain stability analysis and tariff impact analysis. These will enable them to better cope with the complex international environment and market competition.

KPMG’s Trade and Customs Practice can deliver customs-related advice to clients at a country, regional and global level. We have a specialised trade and customs team consisting of over 60 professionals and technical specialists with backgrounds in law, economics, finance and accounting. Our professionals are able to effectively represent and articulate our clients’ concerns to government authorities.

We help our clients reduce their customs-related costs and expenses and enhance trade processes and strategies. We provide guidance regarding the proactive management of customs compliance. Our services mainly include:

Assist clients to reduce costs in customs operations and taxes

  • Duty reduction planning for tax costs arising from trade conflicts
  • Analysis of duty-saving opportunities and compliance issues using data analysis tools
  • Use of special customs supervision areas and FTAs
  • Assistance in making applications to the government for preferential duty policies
  • Assistance in applications for AEOs
  • Assist clients improve their import and export compliance management
  • Compliance reviews on import and export business, including customs valuation, Country of Origin assessments, tariff classifications, export control, etc.
  • Assistance in the implementation of customs management system solutions
  • Customs classification solution via the KCCP system

Assist clients proactively handle customs challenges or audits

  • Assistance in communication and the preparation of documents in customs inspections or audits
  • Assistance in investigations of Country of Origin and export controls
  • Assistance in resolving duty disputes with Customs