In order to implement its Innovation Driven Development Strategy, the Chinese government has issued a series of research and development (R&D) tax incentives and government special subsidy policies. These encourage enterprises who conduct R&D activities to continuously increase their R&D outlays and enhance their competitiveness.

KPMG’s R&D tax incentives and government special subsidies advisory service is equipped not only with tax experts, but also with professional engineers. With their engineering knowledge and background, KPMG can help enterprises identify R&D activities and R&D projects, which may qualify for incentives, in line with their specific circumstances. KPMG can assist enterprises design and implement tailored plans to access relevant incentives and subsidies.

KPMG is also experienced in helping enterprises establish and improve R&D management systems, enabling them to maximise tax benefits and minimise risks.

We provide a full range of services for the following major R&D tax incentives and subsidies:

R&D tax incentives and subsidies

  • High-New-Technology Enterprise qualification
  • R&D expense super deduction
  • Advanced Technology Service Enterprise qualification
  • Integrated Circuit Enterprise and Software Enterprise incentives
  • Tax exemption/refund for R&D equipment purchasing
  • Tax concessions on technology transfers
  • R&D related local government special subsidies

How KPMG can assist

  • Planning on R&D tax incentives and R&D related supply chain structure
  • R&D tax incentives application and implementation
  • R&D management system establishment/improvement
  • Feasibility study, status improvement and planning on government special subsidies
  • Green taxes incentives analysis and management improvement
  • Audit defense assistant
  • Intellectual property planning and application