Helping chart your path to success

KPMG’s Global China Practice, headquartered in Beijing, plays a leading role in ‘bringing China to the world’ and ‘bringing the world to China’. Given the increasing importance of China’s outward direct investment (ODI) to China and host countries around the world, KPMG established the Global China Practice, with dedicated teams in nearly 60 locations around the world, including countries and regions along the ‘Belt and Road’. Our experts are very proud to have worked on many of China’s landmark outbound transactions. We are also passionate about guiding and facilitating Chinese ODI in other meaningful ways, including by helping Chinese companies integrate into local business communities, and introducing them to potential partners in key overseas markets.

Equally, the Global China Practice enhances KPMG’s ability to serve foreign companies as they enter and grow in China. While many of our clients have been active in China for decades, the 14th Five-Year Plan charts an ambitious course for China’s economic and social development over the next five years. As market participants manoeuvre to succeed in the ‘new development paradigm’ in China, foreign companies should review what contribution they can make to China’s ongoing economic transformation and align their value proposition and business strategies to respond to new risks and capture new opportunities.

Through the Global China Practice, KPMG stands shoulder to shoulder with Chinese and foreign companies alike as they seek to understand complex and dynamic business environments, shape crucial business partnerships, and build platforms to achieve long-term and sustainable market positions. Whether you are a Chinese company looking to ‘go out’ or a foreign company assessing the evolving opportunities for your business to grow in and with China, KPMG and its Global China Practice have the insights, experience and resources to support you as you chart your path to success.