Staying up-to-date on your current tax situation, taxation or the next generation, and the latest tax changes and opportunities can be overwhelming. We can help ease that burden by  enhancing and preserving your wealth through our strategic, long-term approach to tax planning.

How can we help

Tax planning

We review the structure of your holdings  and operations to help improve tax efficiencies, and manage risk and tax  controversies.

Intergenerational wealth

We plan in advance for estate planning, life insurance and the intergenerational transfer of wealth to help minimize the inevitable tax burden.

Acquisition and disposition planning

We develop tax-effective structuring for the acquisition and sale of your assets or business to help minimize taxation, deploy capital and maximize after-tax proceeds.

Cross border and international tax

We integrate the simultaneous application of domestic and foreign tax regimes arising from citizenship, emigration, residency, compensation and foreign operations.

Luxury assets

We structure the ownership and operations of luxury assets, such as aircrafts, yachts and vacation properties.

Structured giving

We can help maximize the tax benefits of charitable giving by the selection of donated property and legal structures for strategic philanthropy.

Asset protection

We develop strategies to insulate and compartmentalize assets and liabilities.

Worldwide tax compliance

We prepare domestic and foreign tax and regulatory returns in an increasingly complex world using technological and process efficiencies.