You want to be confident that your family office is set up with the right business and operating model that can support the needs of your clients.  Our business advisory team can provide the support that you need to help you to put in place the right processes, talent, and the supporting technologies for you to focus on serving your clients.  

How can we help

Core business processes

We help you to design/review the core business processes, governance and controls needed.  From investment processes to product due diligence.  We can also support you to design your service delivery model, to determine key processes that should be in-sourced vs. those that would be better outsourced.  

People and talent

We can support you in developing and implementing your talent strategy.  Ranging from designing an appropriate organisation structure, identify roles and responsibilities, and the required talent.  We can also provide market benchmark on remuneration/compensation to support you in designing your own compensation structure.  


The technology architecture of a family office can be get complicated very quickly.  As family office will be interacting with multiple service providers across the ecosystem, there are also important considerations on technology compatibility, and ease of interfaces with other partners in the ecosystem.  We can advise on the appropriate enabling technology to meet your objectives.  The right technology needs to be able to both protect family privacy, support timely strategic planning and decision-making while at the same time, mitigate risks.

Investment advisory

Family office deals with a wide variety of investment options – on direct investment, co-investment, to investments into the financial markets, using different vehicles/structures.  Successful investment should consider the client’s needs, objectives, and the regulatory and tax implications.  We believe it is critical to educate clients about their investment options/structuring, and understand the benefits and limitations of each.  We have a multi-disciplinary team to assist you to navigate the complexities for each deal, ranging from due diligence (commercial/financial/tax/regulatory), to valuation and structuring.  

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