Assisting clients in achieving the highest levels of business integrity through the prevention, detection, and investigation of fraud and misconduct.

Assisting clients in achieving the highest levels of business integrity

From fraud, financial crime, regulatory abuse, disputes and protection there against to the changing face of fraud and financial crime drivers

Welcome to KPMG Forensic.

The landscape supporting fraud and theft, financial crime, regulatory abuse and disputes is evolving in line with changes in society and environment. The question cannot be limited any more to the actions of a trader beyond his/her mandate, or a company overstating performance to obtain funding, or liabilities being shielded by company structure manipulation, and in some cases the fraud triangle does not explain all.

Corruption disables traditional defences and requires a dynamic approach to fraud risk management. Cyber space requires a different toolset for an investigator of fraud and theft. The size, complexity and geographical distribution of organizations require technology enabled defences operating beyond the organization borders controlled by the organization. The speed with which transactions happen in the global financial system requires a technological driven defence and response. Disputes are no longer occupied by financial only causes, but also regulatory and information technology causes. And then, how will technology impact the fraud landscape-think of artificial intelligence? How will wealth inequality and climate change impact the fraud landscape, the financial crime landscape, fraud risk management landscape, and disputes?

Behaviours also change over time. We view anonymous fraud and ethics reporting as a growing crowd based response to fraud and unethical behaviour, on a global scale. On the other hand, transnational financial crime is fuelled by the globalization of crime and the ability to move financial means around the world. Geographical reach is an imperative.

At KPMG Forensic we strive to respond to these changes and movements by focusing on the depth, breadth of the professional services and solutions we render in support of clients’ efforts to respond to and protect themselves and stakeholders against these events. Not only professional services, but solutions combining talent and technology across a broad spectrum is required to respond to these events.

We help our clients take immediate and decisive action to prevent, detect and respond to potentially contentious or harmful situations. Equally important to us is the ability to take a strategic approach, helping to advise our clients on claims, recoveries and other action that can be taken based on what we have found. Whether it is a fraud, business dispute, contract compliance issue, regulatory enquiry or large-scale transaction, major problems can quickly arise, spiral out of control and cause severe damage. As you would expect, we think and act 'forensically'. 

Our specific services include:

  •  Anti-Bribery and Corruption
  •  Anti-Money Laundering
  •  Corporate Intelligence
  •  Dispute Advisory Services
  •  Ethics consulting
  •  Forensic Technology
  •  Fraud Risk Management
  •  Investigations
  •  KPMG FairCall
  •  Forensic in the Audit
  •  Public Interest Stakeholders 


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