Governance, Risk and Compliance

Governance, Risk and Compliance

KPMG's Governance, Risk & Compliance Services practice tailors a quality internal audit service to suit clients’ needs.

KPMG's Governance, Risk & Compliance Services practice tailors a quality internal audit

Governance, Risk & Compliance Services practice

Our services enables Management to deliver on strategic business objectives, identifies business opportunities and enhances organizational value.

Our South African practice is equipped with professionals across multidisciplinary teams who are experienced in financial, operational and IT internal auditing.

How KPMG can help
Our approach is tailored and flexible enabling our professionals to embrace automation and technology solutions deployed by clients.
Rapid changes in business models, regulatory requirements, and technology disruption present opportunities for Governance, Risk and Compliance growth. This area can identify and help companies respond to risks and make progress managing strategic and growth priorities.

Tougher expectations by regulators and other stakeholders now mean that corporates and financial institutions should demonstrate better discipline, control and responsibility. Failure to keep on top of and comply with existing and emerging regulation could jeopardize reputations and livelihoods. How robust is your governance, risk and compliance program?

With all these demands, Internal Audit is in many companies at the forefront in dealing with matters relating to Governance, Risk and Compliance. Their effectiveness and efficiency can have a major influence on corporate performance and business outcomes.

We recognise the need to transform Internal Audit services.

Our services include:
— technology enabled internal audit techniques
— evaluating internal audit functions and providing co-sourcing and outsourcing services
— deploying continuous auditing/ monitoring techniques
— designing, executing and advising on the use of enterprise risk management
— driving regulations compliance
— rationalizing monitoring functions and governance practices
— advising on social responsibility and climate change reporting
— supporting clients through the lifecycle of infrastructure projects

Access to KPMG’s global resources and our extensive experience gained from advising listed and unlisted companies and multinational enterprises enables us to deliver excellence.
Our work is underpinned by a holistic model that adds value and meets the needs of regulators, the board of directors, and key stakeholders.

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