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Today, global supply chains bring along with them significant benefits and risks. At the same time, emerging regulations and new ways of working are adding to the complexity of how you approach procurement. A procurement function with unconnected elements and inconsistent processes can only make it more difficult. Your business now has a greater need to align customers, supply processes and technology.

To make supply chains work smoothly for your business, an integrated procurement function is crucial; it can provide you with valuable intelligence and insight every step of the way. Using cloud technology, automation, predictive analytics and cognitive learning, we make it possible to transform your procurement function. We work on creating an integrated asset that drives growth throughout your business.

Do more with procurement

Powered Procurement has helped procurement teams in organisations around the world to drive agility and save costs. We do this using proven operating models that are based on our know-how, leading practices and a set of pre-defined assets built on top of leading third-party technology solutions. A transformed procurement function enables you to:

  • Create an integrated practice based on a single model and consistent processes
  • Drive change and enhance value with richer spend analytics
  • Have a user-centric procurement process that boosts adoption and increases spend under management
  • Reduce implementation risks with our sophisticated technological capabilities
  • Identify and utilise supplier-led innovation
  • Nurture a flexible supplier ecosystem to reduce the risk of pinch-points
  • Improve reporting, analytics and cognitive learning to drive better business decisions

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Powered procurement can help your function to deliver:

0 reduction in invoice processing times, from 20 days down to 8 days

0 increase in first-pass match rate for PO-backed invoices

The Powered toolkit

Our toolkit has three key elements for transformational success — a tried and tested operating model, an implementation suite and ongoing evolution services. Using them, you can turn your desired functional outcomes into reality.

Why choose Powered?

›   Transform the way you run your business

›   Drive success with the latest leading practices

›   Build agile functions that evolve as you grow

›   Help your people adopt and embrace change

›   Exploit the best technologies for value and performance

›   Optimise service delivery and use of data for competitive advantage

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