While businesses continue to tap into the benefits of cloud technology, they are also facing challenges including optimisation, increasing costs and security.

As cloud technology matures, CIOs must focus on building a secure and flexible cloud ecosystem. It requires more than simply plugging into the cloud. They must understand how to optimise platforms and ensure the technology meets business challenges, whilst managing risk.

Working with businesses across the board, we understand the opportunities and pitfalls of cloud technology. We help you plan and execute the migration of legacy estates within cloud. We determine the right cloud solution and services for your business, based on your unique needs. This often involves more than one strategic cloud provider and type of deployment. That is why we’ve formed partnerships with industry leading public cloud providers, including AWS, Google and Azure. This means we can offer a collaborative and objective approach to select the best vendors for your business and help improve the strategic value of your technology investments.

We work alongside you for successful cloud migration. Our expert team of engineers can operate at scale, pioneering the right tools for the job with an automation-first mindset. This team can not only help implement your solution, but also provide critical upskilling of your teams.

In the last 18 months, our services have evolved to help more clients who are mature cloud users. We help them to optimise cost, redefine operating models and drive greater value from their architecture and DevOps. This in turn makes our work with clients still on their journey to cloud better informed.

KPMG is a leader in cloud consulting, recognised by Forrester as the leading independent cloud advisory. Our proven track record includes implementing the largest secure containerised cloud solution in the world on AWS for a global bank, which has been approved by three regulators.

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Cloud strategy and planning

  • Deciding how your business should make the most of cloud means defining expected benefits and aligning with organisational objectives. Our cloud strategy approach uses leading insight and encourages collaboration between business and IT teams.

Cloud transformation

  • Migrating to the cloud can be the most technical, time and resource intensive part of the journey. We help you with modifying, enhancing and moving your organisation’s applications from on-premise or co-located hardware with our dedicated team of engineers.

Cloud optimisation

  • Be confident in scaling your cloud capability by keeping it optimised. We work with you through the organisational, operational and governance challenges associated with expanding cloud capabilities.

Cloud protection and governance

  • Cloud transformation typically involves using third-party suppliers as well as collecting, storing and transacting user data. We help you develop a risk-driven cloud security model that addresses critical data architecture and infrastructure considerations.

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