Internal Audit Risk & Compliance Services

Internal Audit Risk & Compliance Services

IARCS provides strategic sourcing of internal audit; continuous auditing/monitoring; ERM; governance and regulatory compliance.

IARCS provides strategic sourcing of internal audit; continuous auditing/monitoring; ER...

Internal Audit Risk & Compliance Services

IARCS provides strategic sourcing of Internal Audit; Enterprise Risk Management; Governance, Regulatory Compliance, Contract Compliance and Sustainability services.

How KPMG member firms can help

The internal audit function and risk and controls management are often at the forefront in dealing with matters relating to Governance, Risk and Controls. Their effectiveness and efficiency can have a major influence on corporate performance and business outcomes.Hot button issues for business leaders include a range of complex matters, including:

  • IA strategic sourcing (right resources, right place, right time)
  • enterprise risk management (structure, risk identification, monitoring, reporting, optimizing)
  • regulatory compliance
  • contract compliance
  • corporate governance
  • global sustainability/climate change
  • continuous auditing/monitoring
  • integrated assurance.
  • Promotion of Access to Information Manual

KPMG's IARCS practice works with internal audit directors and audit committees to develop a quality internal audit function that delivers strategic business assurance, identifies business opportunities and enhances organizational value. It works to make internal audit functions, enterprise risk management programs, and risk and controls management more efficient and effective.

Our services include:

  • evaluating internal audit functions and providing co-sourcing and outsourcing services
  • deploying continuous auditing/monitoring techniques
  • designing, executing and advising on the use of enterprise risk management
  • driving regulations compliance
  • rationalizing monitoring functions and governance practices
  • enhancing recoveries and compliance with contracts
  • advising on social responsibility and climate change reporting 

KPMG South Africa IARCS team was established in 1996 to add value to our clients by focusing on their major business risks impacting the organisation’s strategic and business objectives. We aim to deliver a consistent, cost-effective and high-quality set of services based on:

  • A South African IARCS practice staffed with over 300 staff, located in 12 cities within South Africa
  • Subject matter professionals teaming with internal auditors to enhance value to the client
  • Our focus on global industries, this helps KPMG people to develop a rich understating of clients' businesses and the insight, skills andresources required to address industry-specific issues and opportunities.
  • Access to a network of over 7,500 financial and operational internal auditors and IT auditors across the globe, with IAS practices in over 50 countries

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