Customers expect digital convenience. For the insurance sector, a simple, consistent and human approach makes life better for clients.

AIA Vietnam has embraced this approach with its digital transformation journey by enhancing their insurance offerings during a time of need, creating an elevated and orchestrated customer experience (CX). KPMG in Vietnam — alongside KPMG in India, KPMG in Hong Kong (SAR), China and KPMG Australia — helped AIA take an outside-in approach by connecting the changes in their market with the changes that needed to be driven internally.

Working with KPMG on our digital transformation and putting customers at the center of everything we do was done in true partnership, working together on how we can transform and be a leader in Vietnam in customer centricity. Our transformation journey at AIA continues, but we have built a strong understanding and foundation to take us into the future with the help of KPMG.

Wanda Britton
Chief Customer Officer at AIA (Vietnam)

What started as an evaluation of their CX strategy quickly evolved into the development of an implementation roadmap for personalized and meaningful interactions that leveraged KPMG's proprietary journey mapping tool — KPMG Discovery and Microsoft Dynamics 365. The KPMG team designed 20 digital journeys for new business, servicing and claims, resulting in an enhanced CX at many touchpoints. This focus on coordinating and integrating capabilities helped lead to the transformation of AIA's sales function that drove a clear increase in automation and straight-through processing (STP), starting at 0 percent in 2021 and reaching 36 percent by the end of the second quarter of 2022.

This engagement has enabled AIA Vietnam to digitize and automate their business and better serve their customers.

Are you putting customer insights at the heart of your digital transformation?

AIA (Vietnam)

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