With legendary cycling races such as the Tour de France, and Giro d’Italia pitting professional riders against each other for several weeks of fierce competition covering thousands of punishing kilometers, pro cycling’s Team dsm-firmenich recognizes the critical value of innovating in one of the world’s toughest sports.

In its ongoing quest to optimize performance in a sport where seconds can often spell the difference between victory and defeat, Team dsm-firmenich turned to KPMG to develop a digital platform that uses data & analytics to reveal new and detailed insights into the team’s activities.

We truly believe we are at the forefront of smart data use in our sport and that KPMG will drive our competitiveness to even higher levels. The smart use of data gives us new insights to keep developing our performance, science and coaching groups and ultimately make the team better.

Narelle Neumann
Head of Science for the
Netherlands-based cycling organization

The digital specialists at KPMG Lighthouse — KPMG’s Global Center of Excellence for Data, AI & Emerging Technologies — are helping Team dsm-firmenich refine all aspects of its racing program.  That includes training and nutrition, aerodynamics, riders’ power output, race-day tactics, even rider combinations for specific races. Sensors on bicycles and riders generate precise data that undergoes in-depth analysis to drive continual improvements.

Team dsm-firmenich’s impressive results to date are helping to demonstrate the value of data and analytics in the team’s prospects for victory and a place on every podium.

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