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Operations advisory

If there is one certainty about supply chains and sourcing functions across all sectors it is that they will be disrupted, whether through logistical, geopolitical, environmental, or new, unforeseen challenges. This means there is nothing more important than embracing new capabilities to be agile and resilient, efficient, and cost effective. Increasingly, supply chain and sourcing leaders must also stand up to intense Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) scrutiny from regulators and stakeholders, adding to their robust program of work.

At KPMG, our operations professionals draw on deep sector insights, technological innovations, tailored methodologies, risk expertise, and cutting-edge sustainability measures to help you create supply chains and sourcing functions for this dynamic environment.

Our approach

As we support your supply chain transformation, we use our unique supply chain and sourcing tools and methodologies to make design decisions simpler. Importantly, we leverage our Powered Supply Chain and Sourcing assets to enhance your return on investment faster. We ensure that sustainability measures are embedded into the supply chain to drive ESG goals balanced against cost and customer service objectives, while maximizing the latest digital tools and future technologies for genuine competitive advantage.

Accelerate supply chain transformation with KPMG’s tailored solution, which embraces the cloud, leading processes for your industry, pre-defined supply chain and sourcing operating models, and a future-ready delivery framework.

Build ESG into your supply chain, sourcing strategies and operating models with maturity assessments, transformation support, sourcing security and transparency, and end-to-end visibility. Engage with suppliers on best practices in human rights and build ongoing monitoring and reporting mechanisms for continual improvement.

From supply chain segmentation to end-to-end visibility, network modeling or track and trace capabilities, find the right KPMG-designed digital solution to drive optimal operations, provide certified products, deliver cost effectiveness, and meet customer expectations.

Make the most of advanced analytics, Artificial Intelligence, automation, blockchain and augmented reality to boost your supply chain’s efficiency, while also having robust cyber security operations for protection.

How we can help you

From supply chain strategy to embracing data and analytics, enabling transformation to operational excellence, we support supply chain activities end-to-end across all nodes and for all industry sectors.

Strategy and analytics

Build your optimal supply chain, sourcing, and manufacturing strategy, with the right supporting operating model, harnessing insightful data and analytics for decisions.



Refine demand, supply, and inventory planning, and orchestrate cross-functional collaboration to drive operational and financial efficiency and effectiveness.


Streamline source-to-contract and quote-to-cash pathways, improve manufacturing strategies, increase end-to-end visibility across the entire supply chain ecosystem, and reduce third-party risk.


Logistics and distribution

Refine your logistics strategy and design, transportation, and distribution management, and optimize inventory management, last mile, and return delivery networks.


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