Australia Finalist

With its blind, automated chat interview and comprehensive DEI analytics platform,’s technology is the first solution of its kind to disrupt biases that affect traditional recruitment processes, resulting in fair outcomes for candidates and companies.

Brazil Finalist

Pix Force has been ranked as the number 1 artificial intelligence startup in Brazil for the past 5 years and has headquarters in Brazil, Finland, and the United States. The company develops artificial intelligence products focused on computer vision. In other words, the company creates products that empower computers to interpret and analyze digital images accurately.

China Finalist

Phabuilder Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is a pioneer in cutting-edge synthetic biology that embraces the ethos "From Microbes to the Future." With two decades of PHA research and advancements in Halomonas generations, Phabuilder's avant-garde "Super Cell Factory" emerges via the "Next Generation Industrial Biotechnology (NGIB)" platform, yielding 30+ eco-friendly products from medical to daily essentials, powered by a new-gen intelligent production line in Beijing.

Colombia Finalist

Bia Energy is a pioneering company at the forefront of the energy industry. Bia Energy seamlessly merges smart metering infrastructure data with energy retailing, offering a customer-centric, data-driven platform that empowers users to take control of their energy consumption and costs. Bia is rapidly becoming the standard in Colombia's energy sector and beyond.

Denmark Finalist

HealthyCrop develops crops that are naturally resistant to fungal infections by utilizing the plants own defense mechanism.

Finland Finalist

SemiQon builds silicon-based quantum processors for the million-qubit era. SemiQon’s mission is to realize the promise of quantum computing by delivering scalability through powerful, resilient, and cost-effective quantum processors. SemiQon’s technology builds upon decades of development and know-how from the semiconductor industry, making its silicon processors commercially competitive and well-suited for mass-manufacturing

Germany Finalist

Instagrid builds the world’s most advanced portable battery power supplies to replace highly polluting petrol and diesel generators across the industry. Leading the market in sales and technical capability, instagrid power supplies not only reduce emissions but also reduce cost, improve worker health & safety and enhance productivity for many of Europe’s largest construction and infrastructure companies.

Ghana Finalist

Motito provides alternative ways to finance your next asset. Their flagship product is Motito PayLater , that allows people to shop from their favourite shops and pay in instalments. Motito provides alternative financing for essential assets, such as sewing machines, laptops, and mobile phones.

India Finalist

Lynkit is a technology product company, with 6 proprietary products spanning different aspects of supply chain management and logistics tech. Lynkit specializes in utilizing deep tech like IoT (GNSS, RFID, LoRaWAN, 5G) and combining its use with machine learning, artificial intelligence, augmented reality, industrial automation and vision tech to digitize, automate and optimize different processes of the supply chain.

Ireland Finalist

Nory is the first intelligent co-pilot for hospitality businesses. Nory centralizes all core restaurant operations into one single operating system, from business intelligence and forecasting to workforce and inventory management. Nory’s AI analyses all of this business data and guides both executive and frontline teams to control costs, increase productivity, and boost bottom line profitability.

Israel Finalist

Nanocarry is a groundbreaking biopharma company dedicated to solving one of medicine’s greatest challenges: delivering therapeutics to the brain. Through its proprietary bioengineered nanoparticle platform, Nanocarry is developing first-in-class therapeutics to treat brain cancers and neurodegenerative diseases.

Japan Finalist

Pale Blue is a Japan-based spacecraft propulsion startup founded by PhD experts at the University of Tokyo in 2020. Through its water-based propulsion technology, Pale Blue aims to develop a space ecosystem where in-space mobility is not only affordable but completely safe to both humans and the surrounding environment.

Mexico Finalist

Leadsales helps businesses struggling to serve multiple customers on WhatsApp & Social Media by creating a next-generation CRM for Conversational Commerce. By ensuring follow-ups with automation so companies don't miss out on sales & customer conversations.

Netherlands Finalist

inPhocal has developed an optical technology that makes laser processes more efficient, allowing the faster marking of packaging and products in food production lines. Their innovative technology makes it possible to use laser systems for applications that were previously impossible, and allows for higher speed, larger print area and flexibility on the shape of the objects that need marking (e.g. curved surfaces).

Philippines Finalist

TLaunched in 2021 and headquartered in Catbalogan, Samar Philippines, Peddlr is a leading digital accounting and bookkeeping POS application on a mission to revolutionize traditional business processes. Their innovative platform seeks to replace outdated pen-and-paper methods of sales recording, credit management, and manual inventory stock management.

Portugal Finalist

Rauva is Portugal´s first business super-app that allows users to open a business account, use physical and virtual cards, handle payments, send and track certified and fully compliant invoices approved by the AT (Tax Authority), manage expenses, and also offer expert assistance in creating Portuguese companies and appointing a Certified Accountant, all in one place.

Saudi Arabia Finalist

netzero bridges the gap for a sustainable tomorrow by making the world green and helping companies offset their carbon emissions by streamlining nature-based solution deployment and afforestation in a cost effective and transparent manner.

Southern Africa Finalist

At the Match Exchange, they are disrupting Agricultural Commodity Trading through an innovative platform. They’ve redefined trading as a multidimensional, data-driven solution that seamlessly optimises the entire supply chain. Their platform serves farmers, transporters and processors of all scales. The Broker’s function offers easy access even for novices.

Sweden Finalist

PlasticFri is a GreenTech company from Sweden with a breakthrough technology turning agricultural waste to eco-friendly products for replacing plastics. For its ground-breaking work, PlasticFri has been awarded as the “World’s Most Innovative Sustainability Startup” among 1400 companies worldwide!

Taiwan Finalist

Lypid makes alternative food without compromise. Their secret sauce is a sustainable, healthy and tastier fat alternative. They believe that fat is a critical ingredient to make alternative protein taste, look and cook like animal meat. However current market utilizes coconut oil and palm oil as vegan fat sources that don’t behave like animal fat and are not good for health.

United Kingdom Finalist

Inovus Medical is a multi-award-winning designer and manufacturer of surgical training technologies based in St Helens, UK. The company was founded in 2012 with a clear purpose, to improve surgical care through connected training. At the heart of everything Inovus does are its core values of Affordable, Accessible and Functional technologies.

United Stated Finalist

Founded in 2022, Reveald equips businesses with the ability to take a proactive approach to cybersecurity. With their unique, patented AI-driven technology at its core, they provide an advanced, ongoing risk reduction solution. This innovation aids businesses in preventing security breaches, while simultaneously reducing operational expenses.

Vietnam Finalist

DigiMe (Dayta) provides comprehensive geolocation data solutions that empowers businesses to make informed decisions and grow further. Leveraging advanced AI and mass dataset processing, they provide accurate and reliable location intelligence, and customized model training.

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