KPMG’s 2022 global tech report found a resilient, forward-looking attitude among global technology professionals. Companies are enthusiastic about disruptive new tools and determined to further embrace ongoing digital transformation to revolutionize the customer experience.

Digital-transformation triumphs are positioning today’s businesses to face future uncertainty with a confident spirit. In fact, 99 percent of organizations saw an improvement in profitability or performance from their digital transformation investments1 — branding customer-centric technology strategies as lifesaving tools in today’s business survival kit.

Looking ahead, it will be essential to integrate a modern ecosystem of both internally developed and outsourced technologies such as everything-as-a-service (XaaS — the expanding range of cloud-based tools and services). IT leaders taking advantage of a data-centric operating model have the potential to generate the most value from an XaaS ecosystem. This will take an appreciation of the reality that the IT function is best positioned to keep technology manageable and data trustworthy. All while building future resilience to manage cybersecurity threats and and helping achieve enterprise-wide ESG goals. 

In this report we examine what has changed since our 2022 study and what KPMG professionals are witnessing today as the accelerating drivers of change. We also identify six prevailing trends as a precursor to the KPMG Future of IT 2023.

  1.  IT faces new pressures to do more — faster and better
  2. Creative solutions are needed to recruit and retain IT Talent
  3. What XaaS acceleration means for IT
  4. Data and the opportunity for IT
  5. The ever-growing pressure of cyber threats
  6. ESG and the role of IT

Download the paper to discover a critical look at key trends that are likely to shape the IT leader’s agenda in the next three to five years. For more information on how KPMG can help you build the IT function of the future, get in touch.

Preparing for the future of IT

Download the report
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