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Companies across many different sectors have announced their net-zero carbon commitments – as part of a drive towards a greener economy. As businesses embrace new arrangements and operational changes to hit their net-zero targets, they face both challenges and opportunities.

In this podcast – the first in a new series on the impact of this transition on financial reporting under IFRS® Accounting Standards – Mark Wrigglesworth and Irina Ipatova look specifically at green initiatives in the airlines industry.

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Understanding the terms of the arrangement and the rights and obligations of the parties is critical. To do this, industry specialists need to work really closely with their accounting colleagues and auditors to get this right.

Mark Wrigglesworth
Audit Partner
KPMG in the UK

This is a fast-emerging area and stakeholders are keen to better understand the related impacts on the company and its performance. So relevant and meaningful disclosures are absolutely key.

Irina Ipatova
Associate Partner
KPMG International Standards Group

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