Health and wealth are concepts that are forever linked as having healthy populations plays a vitally important role in supporting economically active societies. In 2015, an international consensus led to the United Nations General Assembly adoption of 17 Sustainable Development Goals aimed at fostering peace and prosperity. Among these goals, one emphasizes the importance of ensuring health and well-being for individuals of all ages. 1 Despite such global initiatives, many jurisdictions and healthcare organizations face challenges related to:

  • Providing access to essential healthcare services and medicines
  • Ensuring the delivery of safe and quality care
  • Addressing long-standing equity issues that result in poorer health outcomes for those in underserved communities

Motivated by the rising call for social justice and public awareness, various governmental bodies, financial institutions, and healthcare organizations are actively seeking solutions to address issues related to health equity, access, and quality.

How we can help

Developed markets

KPMG teams have the capabilities to advise on and implement change in addressing health equity issues in developed markets and can assist organizations with:

  • Assessing organizational health equity awareness, experience and orientation
  • Understanding contextual factors that can influence organizational efforts
  • Supporting meaningful collaboration with under resourced communities
  • Using data and analytics to effectively target efforts and interventions
  • Developing markets

    In developing markets, KPMG firms have the strategic, technical and implementation capabilities to support universal health coverage programs and can advise on:

  • Designing coverage and payer structures
  • Modelling costs and economic effects of different benefit designs
  • Negotiating with providers
  • Securing enrolment, claims management and patient record IT infrastructure
  • Supporting supply-side transformations among healthcare providers

  • To strengthen healthcare service access, coverage and quality, KPMG teams can help with:

  • Supporting new models of ultra-lean care delivery across systems
  • Reorganizing care pathways
  • Reforming payment models
  • Helping locate appropriate sources of investment to expand care capacity
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    Developed markets

    Developing markets

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    1 United Nations, Department of Economic and Social Affairs Sustainable Development (2023). The 17 goals.