Indicative Case Study: Strategy and Policy Implementation

KPMG in Bangladesh along with KPMG in India worked with a multilateral organization to design and implement a pilot platform to finance and localize support for SDG 6: Clean Water and Sanitation (WASH) in Bangladesh. The platform helps pool private and public financial and technical resources, drives resource allocation, and serves as a resource to coordinate a WASH strategy. The project also included a workshop with chambers of commerce, local government agencies, NGOs, and private service providers to test business models for engaging organizations operating in the water industry. KPMG in Bangladesh also developed  SDG indicators specific to the location to monitor progress, identified data gaps, and assessed the overall size of the funding market for water sanitation projects. Finally, the team developed a checklist to cover potential financing and localization options and to encourage private investment in the sector. The resulting toolkit included guidelines for establishing partnerships to achieve SDG 6.1—access to clean drinking water grounded on the institutional and regulatory requirements in Bangladesh.

Clean water and sanitation