KPMG Automotive financial services

Automotive financial services

KPMG has established the Global Automotive Captive Peer Group, with extensive experience in auto captives, to assist clients in auto value chain.

KPMG has established the Global Automotive Captive Peer Group, with extensive experience..

KPMG has established the Global Captive Steering Group, with extensive experience in automotive captives, to assist clients in all aspects of the auto value chain.

KPMG’s Captive Finance sector can help you address issues in all aspects of the automotive value chain, particularly those arising from ongoing change in the industry. KPMG has established the Global Captive Steering Group comprising industry professionals that have longstanding, global experience in automotive captive finance companies. With their international mindsets they foster global communication and collaboration which enables smooth and successful cross-border engagements. Our strong cooperation and networking with our Automotive colleagues as well as our structured collaboration with members across the Global Captive Steering Group makes us valuable partners in:

  • strategic topics and business model transformation
  • market entry strategy and transaction services
  • sales framework and channels
  • digital customer journey
  • data & business technology
  • regulatory requirements
  • risk management
  • governance, compliance & controls
  • accounting, controlling & reporting
  • internal audit
  • tax services

We can assist you in facing current challenges and those beyond regarding all above-mentioned audit, tax and consulting services, as well as:

  • business model readiness assessments to analyze and identify business model transformation needs
  • operationalizing and improving business and operating models
  • developing a market entry strategy including feasibility studies and implementation support with global teams to support international growth and new market entries
  • strategic transactions, EU-passport, captive and bank foundation covering application for bank license with local regulatory authorities
  • feasibility studies on deposit business and ABS financing, analysis of respective requirements with regard to structuring loan and leasing receivables in different countries and implementation support
  • optimizing sales framework and channels
  • global reviews, standardization and quality assurance with regard to process, product and IT-landscape
  • development of a digitalized customer journey platform integrating all products and services offered by captives
  • new mobility concepts and implementation support
  • improve / set-up / further develop Captives’ contract management systems for leasing business, insurance business and financing business
  • implications from regulatory and risk management requirements
  • assessment of compliance function and controls‘ environment in light of a global financial services target model
  • residual value management
  • new challenges in fleet management
  • internal audit support in adherence to group reporting requirements

We will be delighted to discuss your individual scope.

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