Lorie Srivastava

Senior Manager

KPMG in the U.S.

Lorie is a Ph.D. environmental economist, modeler, and climate specialist. She brings extensive experience in climate economics, carbon emissions and energy, and climate risk to support clients in making strategic decisions for their businesses. Lorie assists clients in financially and economically quantifying transition and physical risks and opportunities via climate scenario analysis, conveying key insights to internal and external stakeholders to drive climate-resilient growth. Lorie has helped clients leverage insights from these analyses for disclosures. She has deep experience quantifying the economic benefits of sustainability and resiliency for low income and disadvantaged communities. Lorie has conducted in-depth, rigorous technical research on the effect of climate change on the economic value of environmental benefits and natural assets, through her experience in research positions. She has served as a technical reviewer of the 4th California Climate Change Assessment. She has also examined carbon pricing effects and her peer-reviewed research covers climate-related topics, such as risks and impacts associated with CO2 emissions, extreme weather events, drought, air quality, climate resiliency, and social cost of carbon (SCC).

  • Climate Change and Decarbonization
  • Climate Risk
  • Environmental, Social and Governance