Charles A. Jacco


KPMG in the U.S.

Charlie is a principal in the New York office of KPMG LLP’s Advisory Services practice, and is the U.S. Information Protection and Cyber Security Financial Services industry lead. Charlie has focused extensively in multiple disciplines of the information security field including Security Strategy & Governance, Security Transformation, Digital Identity, and Cyber Defense over the last 15 plus years. Charlie’s career experience includes designing and implementing a wide variety of technology-based security solutions, which has resulted in a broad background in technology and infrastructure planning, transformation, and delivery.

Professional and Industry Experience

Charlie has substantial experience leading a variety of complex technology efforts with and on behalf of his clients. His primary industry experience includes Capital Markets, Banking, Payments, and Insurance clients, but Charlie has served clients in the telecommunications industry in the past. He has held leadership roles on projects demonstrating the full IT delivery lifecycle including business-IT strategy, architecture planning, systems integration, custom platform integration, and large-scale security program delivery.

Select information protection and Cyber Security projects

  • Large Global Retail Bank: Drove firm-wide and LOB-specific Cyber Security uplift programs (application security, threat and vulnerability management). Drove internal and external Identity & Access Management initiatives as part of Cyber remediation program.
  • Large Global Investment Bank: Delivered a large, global Managed Security Services engagement across Identity & Access Management and Security Operations / SOC functions
  • Large US Regional Bank: Delivered internal (enterprise-focused) and external (consumer-focused) Identity & Access Management initiatives as part of a large cyber remediation program
  • Large Investment and Retail Bank: Drove cyber security uplift programs across multiple lines of businesses, working with the CISO and lines of business CIO’s
  • Large US Regional Bank: Drove Cyber Security assessments against industry standard frameworks (NIST, ISO 27002)
  • Large Investment Bank: Drove activities across internal Identity & Access Management solution initiatives
  • Global Investment Bank: Global lead for all technology client relationships and drove delivery activities across all systems integration, technology consulting, and application outsourcing work
  • Large Regional Bank: Led a large FFIEC mandated access management program across external applications for Consumer and Commercial facing functions, including Online Banking, Credit Card, Mortgage, and business-to-business payments
  • Large Regional Bank: Led an enterprise IAM strategy, including current state analysis and future state analysis, technical blueprint, and strategic roadmap for the entire bank
  • Large Investment Bank: Led an enterprise-wide IAM strategy including current state assessment, future state IAM roadmap, and vendor proof of concept for tool selection
  • Large Investment Bank: Delivered a complete custom suite of end-to-end enterprise Identity & Access Management applications
  • Large Investment Bank: Led a strategic IT GRC project to build out the firm’s Risk and Control Policy Catalog and continuous controls monitoring platforms
  • Large Investment Bank: Led a strategic IT GRC project to build out the firm’s application and vendor risk management functions

Technical Skills

Charlie’s technical expertise in the security space is focused on the design and implementation of enterprise security architectures, including identity management products and architectures, data protection solutions, and security infrastructure components. Charlie has significant experience in broader IT domains such as messaging, storage and server architectures, IT operations, network design, architecture planning, and custom systems development.

  • Asset Management
  • Banking
  • Business strategy
  • Capital Markets
  • Enterprise
  • Financial Services
  • Investment banks
  • Retail banking
  • Securities
  • Transformation
  • B.S. Computer Systems Engineering, University of Massachusetts Amherst

  • Affiliate Board Member, FS-ISAC

  • Charlie is a member of the IT Advisory practice specializing in Information Protection, Cyber Security, and broad-based technology transformation and delivery.