Adrian Clamp

Global Executive Sponsor - Connected Enterprise

KPMG International

Adrian Clamp is the Global Head of Connected Enterprise - KPMG’s customer centric, agile approach to digital transformation, tailored by sector.

Adrian is a visionary leader, working with the leadership teams of KPMG clients to help them to see the potential for creating new strategies to drive growth and efficiency, new value streams, new customer and employee experiences, enabled by new digital capabilities, all while embracing new ways of working that are agile at scale. 

He specialises in leading large scale digital transformation programmes, deploying new advanced technologies to unlock value within large complex organisations. 

On behalf of KPMG, Adrian makes investments in new sector specific value streams, new global capabilities and solutions and partners with KPMG’s global strategic technology alliances – to make KPMG a pre-eminent partner to our clients for digital transformation.

Adrian has worked for clients in many industries in the private and public sector and has coached the leadership teams in Financial Services, Consumer Goods, Retail, Private Equity, Energy, Utilities, Healthcare and Government.  His personal expertise encompasses delivery of large, complex programmes that have successfully deployed new processes, digital technologies, service design and redesign

He is dedicated to helping to deliver technology enabled innovation and new ventures which improve the lives of millions of customers, consumers, citizens and patients.  He has led his own digital incubator to launch new, disruptive online services in the consumer goods market using modern, agile development approaches enabled with data, analytics, AI, end to end automation and the cloud. 

Adrian is a public speaker and coach on digital policies. He engages regularly with regulators and policy makers. His contributes regularly to newspapers, websites and podcasts. One passion is to help to mentor and coach the next generation of digital leaders.

  • Advisory
  • Customer Revenue Growth
  • Customer and Growth
  • Customer relationship management
  • Government and Public Sector
  • High Growth Markets
  • Management Consulting
  • National Markets
  • Strategy and Operations
  • Tax Transformation
  • BSc (St. Andrews) Economics