Committed to delivering quality

Quality is as much an outcome as it is the standard for which we hold ourselves to account. It is the gateway to building trusted relationships with clients, stakeholders, and between KPMG personnel across the global organization. Providing high-quality services is what allows people at KPMG to continuously earn and re-earn the trust that has underpinned the global organization for more than 150 years.

At KPMG, building trust is the key to our success and it starts with quality — even more so as the world evolves at a pace unrivaled in recent memory. Businesses are integrating technology in ways once unimaginable, shifting geopolitical winds and economic uncertainty have displaced norms, and businesses need to mobilize action against societal threats like the climate crisis.

The pace and scale of dramatic change happening around us only strengthens our resolve to ensure the quality, consistency and adaptability of our services are fit for this new future. Audit and assurance quality remains the highest priority at KPMG. KPMG firms have taken a consistent risk-based approach to their System of Quality Management to drive audit quality and meet the requirements of the International Standard on Quality Management (ISQM) 1.

We’re investing significant resources across our global organization to stay ahead of the curve. This significant investment has occurred in tandem with greater investments in tools, technology and talented people across the organization — all to create a more seamless, integrated approach across borders.

Within KPMG firms across the global organization:

  • We’ve transformed the audit experience by delivering a fully digital audit approach that is more efficient, more consistent and more adaptable.
  • We’re utilizing powerful technologies, including artificial intelligence, and leaning on our alliances with technology leaders to further enhance quality and provide even more value through deeper analysis of businesses, big and small, across the world.
  • We’re upskilling KPMG people and building teams that are fluent in ESG assurance reporting to help our clients meet the goals necessary to build a more sustainable future.

No process, technology or investment is foolproof, but our commitment and focus on ensuring that we uphold our standards and those of our profession is unyielding. We learn from shortcomings and constantly look for opportunities to improve our performance and quality.

KPMG has a responsibility to so many people, businesses and institutions across the world. By utilizing the breadth of our organization and the expertise of our people, KPMG firms are here to serve their clients and stakeholders to safeguard the public interest. At KPMG we will never waiver from our commitment to deliver high-quality audit and assurance services.

We encourage you to read this report to learn more about how we’re working to ensure you can trust KPMG to deliver professional excellence and quality.

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