When change is constant, advanced analytics help to drive innovation and agility.

The opportunity: Building a large-scale analytics solution that leverages insights

Poland-based pharmaceutical manufacturer Polpharma produces medicines that help patients in more than 30 countries, while its active pharmaceutical ingredients are exported to over 60 countries. Guided by a purpose to help people live a healthy life in a healthy world, innovation has been at the center of Polpharma’s business since its formation in 1935.

When Polpharma’s leadership decided to embark on a journey of digital transformation, they wanted to recognize the value of their own people and build a digital culture that would fuel innovation through the power of data analytics.

Intent on helping employees make more informed decisions and accurate predictions using data intelligence, the company turned to KPMG in Poland. Favoring KPMG’s business-led approach to technology transformation, Polpharma wanted to lean on KPMG’s deep industry experience in healthcare transformation – a key strength, given the highly regulated environment in which Polpharma operates. 

Our response: Transforming for positive people outcomes

In collaboration with KPMG in Poland, and enabled by Microsoft Azure and Microsoft Power Platform, Polpharma launched, ‘Polpharma PowerMap’, a cross-functional data analytics solution that targets both executive and managerial staff, as well as operational employees, including logistics specialists and HR analysts.

With the ability to collect, analyze and interpret vast amounts of data, the business has identified areas of process inefficiency and waste, resulting in reduced costs, and making way for newfound operational focus and control. In addition, by automating previously manual and time-consuming tasks, the solution has helped simplify and streamline processes, freeing up people’s time for more valuable work.

Digital transformation is not easily done. I don’t think you can do it alone. You need advisors who can bring knowledge, technology and business expertise. That’s what we have in KPMG and Microsoft – advisors we trust.

Wojciech Rosa
Head of Finance Department, Member of the Board,
ZF Polpharma

The outcome: Turning data into intelligence that enables and empowers

As a cloud-based solution, Microsoft Azure has proven to be a great match for Polpharma. The platform provides a highly secure and scalable foundation built on leading global architecture. Apps or tools connected to the platform can handle large volumes of data and traffic. With the addition of the Microsoft Power Platform, Polpharma’s people can quickly build data-driven business solutions and, using next-generation AI tools, create analytics reports filled with actionable insights.

Empowering their people with more and better access to data has translated into significant wins for Polpharma, from operational efficiency to enhanced innovation and collaboration. For Polpharma staff, the solution’s data intelligence and automation capabilities enable them to work with more responsiveness and agility. 

The implementation of new digital tools and technologies has facilitated seamless collaboration and communication within and across teams. This is a big win for our people.

Robert Pławiak
Head of IT and Digitalization Department
ZF Polpharma

Polpharma puts its people at the center of its digital transformation. From the start, the business has made it mission critical that Polpharma’s people be enabled, empowered and engaged in the change. From enhanced data visibility and security to apps that accelerate collaboration and innovation, KPMG’s digital transformation solution enabled by Microsoft Azure and Power Platform is helping Polpharma’s people innovate at speed and scale. It’s the difference KPMG, in alliance with Microsoft, strives to help make happen for organizations wanting to transform their business.