Regardless of industry or business type, a strong customer and strategic operations focus is critical to an organization’s continued growth and success. Done well, it should enhance stakeholder and community confidence, align operational processes and practices with core objectives, and open the door to long-term, sustainable performance improvement.

Balancing strategic growth with performance enhancements is a core challenge for Vietnam’s boards and leaders.

Our KPMG in Vietnam Customer & Operations capability helps clients to make better strategic choices based on a more complete understanding of their opportunities and risks. This includes tailored operations improvement solutions covering effective planning, design, and sustainable execution.

We provide deep expertise across numerous service networks, drawing on KPMG’s global network of firms to maximize use of relevant experience, leading practices, changing market dynamics and digital operating models.

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How to provide value to customers. This has always been the challenge at the heart of every business, especially in Vietnam.

But today many organizations find that they no longer understand the needs of their customers. Demographics have shifted and the mass adoption of new digital technologies mean that customers’ expectations have changed and brand loyalty has declined. Old approaches no longer work. To succeed in today’s markets in Vietnam, businesses must reimagine the products, services and experiences they provide to consumers and migrate to truly customer centric businesses enabled by digital transformation.

Our KPMG in Vietnam team of Customer Consulting specialists can help you to understand what your customers need – and transform the way your organization delivers value.

Our Operational transformation teams in Vietnam bring deep expertise in all aspects of business operations – from Supply chain planning, Procurement, Manufacturing, Logistics, and Business Excellence – to help organizations across sectors develop and enhance the foundations of efficient and effective operations to support their strategic business objectives and financial goals.

These capabilities allow us to be the right partner to our clients on their enterprise transformation journey to drive business performance improvements such as cost savings, productivity enhancement, lead time reduction and profitability enhancement. We challenge the status quo by bringing in an external perspective and structured approach on ways to reshape client's organization, take out significant costs and improve the quality of their revenues. We can work hand-in-hand with companies to equip their workforce with knowledge and skills to establish a continuous improvement culture.

We also help companies advance their digital transformation goals by leveraging technology to optimize their business efficacy. Through our understanding of client's business requirements for technology solutions, we can apply our years of experience to support them in selecting the right solutions and ensuring successful implementation.

Based on client's problem statements, we offer a robust approach from assessment to rapidly identify improvement areas, define functional service delivery models, design and implement business processes, identify and implement improvement initiatives as well as develop competencies through advanced skills trainings to realize tangible and intangible benefits.

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