2023 proved to be a challenging year for Vietnam's beer scene, even with glimmers of recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic. For the first time after 20 years, it marked the industry's first significant downturn, driven by three key factors: stricter enforcement of Decree 100, rising production costs, and increased scrutiny on consumption. As of 16 February 2024, a representative from the Ministry of Industry and Trade confirmed a continued decline in beer and alcohol consumption this year, attributing to growing public awareness of Decree 100.

Responding to these headwinds, KPMG in Vietnam released the report The Implications of Decree 100 for Vietnam Beer Industry. Drawing parallels between the social, political, and economic landscapes – particularly within the beer industry – of Vietnam and China, the report offers valuable insights and strategies for Vietnamese businesses, empowering you to navigate the evolving beer industry and chart a course towards success.

What you can expect from the report

Data-driven analysis: Combining hard data and market signals for a comprehensive picture.

Comparative perspective: Valuable parallels drawn between Vietnam's and China's beer markets.

Tailored solutions: Strategic recommendations specifically for Vietnamese beer companies.


For pragmatic study results, the research employed a mixed-methods approach, combining hard data (statistics and consumer research) with soft data (market signals and published insights). Conducted in English, Vietnamese, and Chinese, the research team utilized global sources through Google and domestic Chinese sources through platforms like Baidu and Weibo.

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Implications of Decree 100 for Vietnam beer industry

2024 Update

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