In the past technology was the enabler of the business. Now technology is becoming the business itself. Every business today—regardless of sector—needs to be a digital business. Meeting customers’ expectations of rapid and responsive services and experiences requires all businesses to harness new technologies more quickly and pervasively than ever. To support change of this magnitude and pace, leaders required new approaches and skill set to effectively manage the digital transformation programs.

As experienced implementers of new technology at speed, as well as integrators of large-scale, complex technology and transformation programs, KPMG has hands-on experience at all levels. This gives you an innate understanding of potential pitfalls and how to steer your own programs to succeed, whoever is implementing.

KPMG NEXT taking you and your business to the next level

The KPMG NEXT Programme is targeted at medium enterprises and private business leaders in Vietnam who are looking to fast track their growth and take their business to the next level.

It will provide mentoring, insight and advice for entrepreneurs to use to enable them to grow and develop. Participants will take part in a series of bootcamp workshops run by experienced speakers, and will culminate in a facilitated trip to meet with KPMG Regional and Business Leaders. Throughout the program KPMG mentors will provide one-on-one expert advice, insight and guidance.

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