From KPMG’s “Vietnam Supply Chain at a glance” survey, 48% of the leadership from leading companies across sectors in Vietnam mentioned that Operations Excellence is one of the top focus areas to develop in-house capabilities and drive the business performance. It has been emphasized that building a work culture centered around efficiency and optimization is crucial for any company or institution to reinforce their operations and strengthen resilience in the fiercely competitive and dynamic landscape.

In order to nurture and realize benefits from a continuous improvement culture, corporate leaders recognize that capability to analyze and translate information and data into insights for enhancement opportunities, derive practical solutions, and implement successfully is the key to delivering the desired output repeatedly. To facilitate this, Lean Six Sigma comes into picture as a scientific and proven methodology to pave the path for meeting expectations. The methodology focuses on reducing wastes & defects and optimizing processes & performance while delivering excellent customer satisfaction.

How we can help

We offer a full range of Lean Six Sigma service offerings as part of Business Excellence to master the techniques and weave the continous improvement philosophy into your business to realize tangible benefits from optimizing processes, ensuring quality, reducing costs and ultimately satisfying customers. Our broad range of Lean Six Sigma services are:

1. Lean Six Sigma training and certification

Why choose us?

  • 154 countries within the KPMG global network recognize our Lean Six Sigma training and Lean Six Sigma certification
  • More than 45,000 participants from various organizations and institutions have undergone this Lean Six Sigma training program with us
  • KPMG is among the top Lean Six Sigma certification instituations globally

Program overview

  • A tailor-made training program designed with adaptive and interactive learning methodology and delivered by senior professionals from KPMG
  • The program will help you to focus on advanced analysis and problem resolution to make decisions and draw a business conclusion based on data, analyze current trends and matrices, conduct root-cause analysis and enhance performance improvement
  • KPMG will help you to master the knowledge and gain confidence to get Lean Six Sigma certification and implement successfully in your organization


  • The program is a global training offering that applies adaptive and interactive learning style and techniques. The training could be conducted on-site or as live virtual sessions leveraging technology, delivering theory with scenarios, demonstrating statistical tools and running practice sessions, along with on-the-spot query resolution.
  • For Lean Six Sigma yellow belt, green belt and black belt trainings, an assessment is conducted on the sixth day of the program. Only candidates meeting the passing criteria for corresponding exam are eligible for a certificate. Results are declared within 7 working days of the assessment. 
  • Reference materials, sample exercises are provided, which would be convenient for practice and aid in actual project execution

Champions drive Lean Six Sigma in the organization. They are accountable and responsible for successful deployment of Lean Six Sigma Culture. It is their role to identify & remove obstacles that improvement project teams may encounter and to conduct rigorous reviews to monitor progress.

They focus on action and ensure that the projects are completed successfully. Preparation of Champions is critical to the overall success of Lean Six Sigma deployment efforts. Through this program, Champions learn how to manage Lean Six Sigma Program effectively. The course will be hosted by our experienced Black Belt/ Master Black Belt with 10+ years of experience helping clients in different Industries improve their business performances using Lean Six Sigma methodology.


  • Overview and Introduction to Lean Six Sigma
  • How to identify, prioritize and select the projects?
  • Typical improvement areas for a Project
  • How to define a project charter?
  • Organizing for Project
  • Project Management
  • Overview of each Phase of the DMAIC Model (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control)
  • Roadmap for Lean Six Sigma Deployment
  • Exercises, Q&A and Case Studies
yellow belt curriculum
black belt curriculum

2. Lean Six Sigma project coaching

Although your team already has Lean Six Sigma certification, the first time hands-on a Lean Six Sigma project or dealing with a complex scope is always challenging. KPMG's experienced Black Belt/ Master Black Belt professionals can provide you with Lean Six Sigma project coaching to support your organization through their sector understanding and Lean Six Sigma expertise to ensure the success of your projects.

Our Lean Six Sigma experts will help to conduct tollgate reviews of your Lean Six Sigma project and provide relevant inputs on approach, techniques and way forward to keep your projects on track and resolve any obstacles to achieve the committed business goals.

3. Lean Six Sigma implementation

With our extensive experience across sectors such as Industrial Manufacturing, FMCG, Retail, Telecoms, Financial Services and others, we are confident to be the best partner for Lean Six Sigma implementation to our clients to support them in achieving tangible benefits in business improvement. We provide a robust approach of Lean Six Sigma implementation and seasoned Master Black Belt / Black Belt / Green Belt professionals to work closely with your workforce in identifying and deploying improvement initiatives.

Typical results from a few of our earlier Lean Six Sigma implementation projects:

  • Increase in throughput by 10% - 15%
  • Increase in OTIF (On Time In Full) by 15% - 20%
  • Reduction in materials consumption by 3% - 5%
  • Increase in manpower productivity by 5% - 10%
  • Reduction in direct costs by 3% - 5%
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Business Transformation Using Lean Six Sigma

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