Looking for a better way to transform in the cloud?

When embarking on functional transformation, there are big decisions to be made. The quality of the outcome is determined by how clearly you understand where you’re trying to go.

Business leaders should be the driving force for the vision but need a starting point. 
That’s where KPMG’s Target Operating Model can help empower you to move to a 'best in class' vision. It can help you secure a more strategic functional transformation to the cloud.  
The goal of the model is to turn a potentially standard cloud implementation project into a dynamic functional transformation. 

How does KPMG’s target operating model differ from other models?

Traditional target operating models are often not comprehensive enough in scope. If they only cover the traditional process-people-technology relationship, they can miss where the work will get done, how it will be reported and measured and how it will be governed and controlled. The KPMG Target Operating Model includes six 'layers' - Process, People, Service Delivery Model, Technology, Performance Insights and Governance. 

What are the six layers and what do they contain?

Each of the layers contain a number of 'assets' which are predefined. This is designed to help you get to where you need to be sooner. 

Each asset is a collection of solution accelerators comprised of hundreds of predefined or prebuilt processes, workflows, definitions, integrations, reports, dashboards and even training programs. 

What’s in the box?

Our toolkit has three key elements for transformational success — a tried and tested operating model, an implementation suite and ongoing evolution services. Using them, you can turn your desired functional outcomes into reality.

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The KPMG Powered Enterprise approach to digital transformation enables each business function to see their world from a different vantage point, creating a SaaS-based digital operating model that can work for HR, Finance, Cyber, Marketing, Sales and Service, Procurement, Supply Chain, Tax and Risk.

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