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Businesses now have to stay on top of several emerging risks from varied sources, along with changing compliance requirements. Stakeholders are also increasingly cautious about risk factors in dealing with businesses. Going beyond risk management as a policy, there’s a greater need to understand and embed the function in decision making at all levels.

Organisations that manage risk well can reap benefits from innovation, improved consumer trust and greater market share. The risk function can also provide insights to guide business decisions. Our Powered Risk solution brings a unique approach to understanding and managing risk.

Gain more from risk management

We have helped risk departments in organisations around the world to rethink risk management and gain more value from the function. Powered Risk brings together technology and an in-depth understanding of ongoing issues to advance your risk and compliance function.

With Powered Risk, you can use agile, cloud-based capabilities and enhanced risk management processes. You can expect support from our global network of practitioners on all key policies, compliance and risk issues. Our goal is to deliver reduced risk and increased speed for your business. We ultimately help you focus your attention on core business functions.

Imagine your risk function with greater:

  1. Real-time risk reporting to help inform new strategies and improve upon existing ones
  2. Reduced project timelines and cost savings linked to more efficient delivery and implementation
  3. Services-driven risk design that adapts to your changing business requirements with reduced re-work
  4. A risk program that enables trust with internal and external stakeholders

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Powered Risk | Look beyond risk

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Risk: Lift your business above the rest

Risk’s new 360-degree view is a business differentiator.

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The Powered toolkit

Our toolkit has three key elements for transformational success — a tried and tested operating model, an implementation suite and ongoing evolution services. Using them, you can turn your desired functional outcomes into reality.

Why choose Powered?

›   Transform the way you run your business

›   Drive success with the latest leading practices

›   Build agile functions that evolve as you grow

›   Help your people adopt and embrace change

›   Exploit the best technologies for value and performance

›   Optimise service delivery and use of data for competitive advantage

Explore Powered functions

The KPMG Powered Enterprise approach to digital transformation enables each business function to see their world from a different vantage point, creating a SaaS-based digital operating model that can work for HR, Finance, Cyber, Marketing, Sales and Service, Procurement, Supply Chain, Tax and Risk.

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