Organisations today are facing a constant need to change to stay viable. But just as change drives new opportunities, it also brings new business, digital and regulatory risks. With many transformations moving at pace, losing control of what’s happening internally increases risk. Critical areas such as fraud, regulatory compliance, business performance and reporting should be considered.

You can help mitigate risks by transforming your controls to be more efficient and effective. As organisations rapidly adjust their strategy and operations, it is important to adapt the internal controls landscape too. This helps ensure your controls are fit for purpose and sustainable with the right blend of people and technology for the often unpredictable future.

We help you deliver a robust and sustainable control environment. Our approach blends governance, controls, automation and culture to help establish a sustainable foundation for success. We help you navigate leading industry frameworks such as COSO, COBIT, NIST and regulations such as Sarbanes Oxley, GDPR and ESG. Once in place, we will help you establish an assurance framework to monitor critical controls. Helping you protect your business today, whilst preparing it for future challenges and opportunities.

Our services

Controls governance and culture

Developing a governance framework and set of standards that supports a sustainable and reliable control environment, within a culture that drives shared responsibility, vision and continuous improvement.

Controls design and implementation

The identification, design, build, and embedding of controls across functional areas such as Finance, IT, Tax, Cyber, HR, Supply Chain, ESG and others. This covers all forms of manual and automated controls.

Controls automation

We leverage the latest technology to automate and optimise controls. This includes cloud platforms (such as SAP, Oracle, Workday, Microsoft, Coupa, IValua, Sailpoint, CyberArk and others), data analytics (DA), robotic process automation (RPA) and Artificial intelligence (AI).

Controls testing (managed services)

Our controls platform, delivered out of our global Managed Services centres, enables us to perform testing and compliance operations on a more cost effective basis. By combining the right balance of technical, regulatory and technology SMEs, we help clients transform processes in parallel.

KPMG control framework

KPMG control framework

The KPMG Control Framework brings together the three critical components of an integrated SOX controls environment; Governance, Controls and Culture

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