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Accelerate innovation and competitive differentiation with best-in-class Cloud solutions

In a world that’s always changing, business must be adaptable. Across core functions like finance and HR, the ability to pivot fast and innovate is key to driving performance and fulfilling people potential.

By harnessing the agility of cloud technology, businesses can be ready for what comes next and access real-time insights to make sound decisions.

Our alliance with Workday makes this possible. Combining the market-leading sophistication of the Workday platform with our industry knowledge and domain experience, you can create sustainable competitive advantage.

Client stories

How we’re helping our Workday clients drive performance, accelerate innovation, and build sustainable businesses success.

Client stories

Workday | Transforming a HR function during a lockdown

When COVID-19 hit, organisations around the globe struggled to maintain business continuity, let alone implement transformational change. With the help of KPMG Powered Enterprise HR enabled by Workday, one organisation proved it’s possible.

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Workday Solutions

Benefit from true cloud architecture

Workday is built on cloud technology as it’s meant to be – all customers are on the same version. Receive regular updates and features without any worry of being ‘left behind’.

Put intelligence at the core

The Workday data core combines external data with Workday data, all in one place. You can create a unified hub in which you gain real-time insights and stay decision ready.

Self-serve and keep control

The Workday platform adapts rapidly with completely configurable frameworks that enable self-service throughout the business. You can make rapid changes on your own without needing to re-write code.

Connect to other best-of-breed solutions

Because the platform is open, extensible and interoperable, you can easily connect to other solutions and build new applications. It’s a business-optimised developer environment.

Create a personalised employee experience

Workday works wherever your employees do and supports an omni-channel approach across devices and within collaboration tools such as Microsoft Teams and Slack. You get less friction and more productivity.

Embed AI and ML

With AI and ML built into the very core of the platform, you can make them part of your workflow – automating and streamlining manual tasks and transforming your processes.

Our Solutions

Connect front, middle, back office

We help you design and implement connected solutions across Workday products, driving better customer experience and harnessing meaningful insights, powered by our Connected Enterprise approach

Accelerate performance and growth

By combining our deep functional knowledge and proven delivery capability with cloud technology, our Powered Enterprise approach harnesses the power of Workday applications to maximise performance, efficiency and drive value faster

Embed forward-thinking insight

Our data & analytics experts bring you the insights from end-to-end research and the latest big data approaches, helping you navigate change and stay responsive to customer needs

Scale up and down

We can leverage our global capabilities to widen the window of expertise as and when we need to – scaling our support to help you scale your business

Create a close working relationship

We work with you closely at every step, supporting you all the way. We focus on achieving the business outcomes you need rather than simply executing tasks

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