Smart data management is critical in today’s data-driven digital economy

Data is the foundation for success as organizations transform for a new era of competition in the digital economy and is at the very core of efficient business processes, timely marketplace insights and informed decision making – making smart data management critical. This includes managing the safe separation and transfer of business-critical data between organizations, securely migrating data between applications, platforms and organizations, and navigating the complexity of integrating on-premises and cloud-based data and applications.

Data separation

Divesting parts of your business can present complex challenges when it comes to the safe and accurate transfer of application and business data to buyers. Customer data, employee data, payroll data, financial data and procurement data are just a few examples of the vast information that could be involved. Before a divestment, it’s vital to think deeply about the data you have and how it can be safely extracted and transitioned without putting your business – or your customers – at risk. KPMG firms’ data separation services aim to deliver a robust, streamlined, secure approach to moving application and business data.

KPMG professionals have a sound methodology to help you manage the safe and accurate transfer of data from one entity to another. They look holistically at the impact of data separation on your whole business and apply the right technology tools to enable a smooth and secure migration. With a deep understanding of technology and the implications of migration, KPMG professionals can set a pre-separation strategy, then assist with ensuring that everything is running smoothly post-separation.

Data migration

Secure, transparent, accurate data migration is critical to success as businesses increasingly adopt modern cloud services, simplify existing legacy technology or pursue M&A activity. The impact of getting it wrong is significant, be it failed programs or costly remediation to address data gaps. KPMG firms’ data migration services take a holistic approach to data migration that combines a technical Extract, Transfer, Load (ETL) perspective with forensics analytics and KPMG professionals’ business, risk, legal and compliance experience.

KPMG firms have invested in the data-conversion technologies, methodologies and experience needed today to deliver wide-ranging data migration services – from strategy to execution – for businesses in every sector.This methodology and toolset bring tested pre-configured digital solutions to help you de-risk delivery, provide business transparency, and build confidence in the most-complex data migrations. KPMG firms’ data migration offering is repeatable and scalable across multiple tranches of migration, geographies and source systems.

Data integration

As businesses increasingly transform to maintain an edge on their competitors, various applications are migrating to cloud platforms. But hybrid architectures have struggled to keep up, resulting in outdated IT infrastructure. KPMG firms’ data integration services can help your business effectively manage and integrate your data in the cloud or on-premises. For businesses striving to drive digital transformation, application and data integration should be both robust enough to support the large influx of new data sources and flexible enough to support emerging business innovations. These digital solutions enable scalable, real-time, high-volume messaging through an API-driven architecture, eliminating point-to-point integration. Most importantly, it allows you to attract and engage customers in a modern and efficient manner.

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KPMG firms’ tested approach to data separation, migration and integration can help position your business for success as the pace of change continues to accelerate in the digital economy.

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