Rising to the challenges that government and public sector organisations are facing requires a rapid modernisation of service delivery. It should incorporate a different perspective on front and back-office digital transformation to meet the demand for customer-centric services delivered with empathy, integrity and trust.  All while maintaining data accuracy, security, and the ability to continually demonstrate effective use of taxpayers’ money.

All this should be done through attracting the right talent and by integrating with partners in key policy areas, whilst being agile enough to adapt quickly to policy changes. Relying on outdated business processes on legacy systems will hold government and public sector organisations back from achieving their purpose.

KPMG Powered Enterprise provides immediate access to leading practices and processes on pre-configured market-leading cloud technologies to help senior public sector leaders rise to the challenges ahead, such as:

  • How can we help our people embrace new operating models and build the business case for change?
  • How do we provide the insight and control to oversee wider innovation and transformation?
  • How can we get more value from our data and use it to inform strategy and the customer experience?
  • How can we reshape the workforce and continually drive HR process efficiency?
  • How can technology and process help deliver a purpose-led culture?

Functional transformation across government and public sector

Within government and public sector, we are seeing a drive to expand the role of key functions such as Finance, HR, and Enterprise Service Management, beyond transaction processing and reporting, towards being a digitally driven function that provides insight and strategic value. Our government and public sector clients are working with us to make use of market-leading technologies and processes to become more operationally effective and customer-centric.

Using our experience from many countries around the world, we have adapted our KPMG Powered Enterprise solutions specifically for government and public sector organisations. Implementing these solutions, coupled with our industry expertise, we can help you transform critical business functions to achieve faster speed to value and a customer-centric experience, with lower risk and less resources.

KPMG Powered Enterprise for Government and Public Sector is enabled by market leading platforms, including Microsoft, Oracle, SAP, ServiceNow and Workday – all designed to dynamically drive impactful change and jump-start your digital transformation.

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