KPMG x SailPoint

Intelligent, autonomous digital identity management made simple

Managing digital identities is a foundational element of strong cybersecurity for any business.

But today’s complex environment means that identity and access management (IAM) requirements go far beyond human capabilities. Intelligent and automated solutions are needed.

Through our alliance with SailPoint, we help you take control. SailPoint’s identity security cloud technology creates a frictionless, integrated platform that securely ignites your business. We help you devise the strategy to implement it and manage the complete digital identity lifecycle.

SailPoint Solutions

Unparalleled Intelligence

With AI and machine learning at its core, the SailPoint identity security cloud platform helps you see and understand all your identities and their access at speed and scale

Cloud First Identity

The most comprehensive end-to-end identity solution Govern cloud & on-premises access across all users, applications, data &cloud infrastructure

Frictionless Automation

Now you can streamline identity processes and decisions for greater efficiency organization-wide so you can better discover, manage, and secure all identities and all access.

Complete Integration

Seamless integration across your ecosystem, 100+ connectors, out of the box and ready to deploy, extending your ability to centralise access control for all data, applications, systems, and cloud resources

Our Solutions

Accelerate performance & growth

By combining our deep functional knowledge with SailPoint’s identity solutions, our Powered IAM approach allows you to implement a business led, risk assessed approach to security giving you complete control.

Embed forward-thinking insight

Our data & analytics experts bring you the insights from end-to-end research and the latest big data approaches, helping you navigate change and stay responsive to customer needs

Create a close working relationship

We work with you closely at every step, supporting you all the way. We focus on achieving the business outcomes you need rather than simply executing tasks

Scale up and down

We can leverage our global capabilities to widen the window of expertise as and when we need to – scaling our support to help you scale your business

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