KPMG’s ‘next generation’ insights, methods and tools platform to enable business transformations.

KPMG’s ‘next generation’ multi-tool platform to enable business transformations.

Source is the integrated platform comprising of best practices, global experience and knowledge available for all the Management Consulting professionals. It accelerates complex business transformations by empowering KPMG with dedicated and worldwide recognized tools and maintaining the highest quality standards. It is divided by product types into 4 groups: Insights, Methods, Communities, and Project Delivery.


Insights are fuelled by the latest thinking from our global sector and functional teams. They consist of:

  • Reference models - provide our consultants with extensive functional and sector models to accelerate client solutions
  • Insights wiki - integrated repository with all relevant insights, leading practices and accelerators available for multiple sectors and functions
  • Maturity models can be used to assess clients, compare the current state vs leading practice and identify the requirements to achieve the desired level of maturity over time
  • Self-service benchmarks - real-time access to quantitative KPIs and associated benchmarks for multiple functional areas across industries and regions.


Methods are a collection of market-leading methods that provide a consistent approach to KPMG’s service delivery:

  • Core methods provide our consultants with a definitive and unified collection of methods to support transformational projects
  • Journeys represent the integration of multiple methods into transformational approaches
  • VDF 2.0 is a global framework for business transformation that enables us to integrate discrete services into a custom transformation approach for your business


Communities: KPMG have leveraged the benefits of Social media and ‘wiki’ functionality, such as liking, commentary and sharing to support the effective collaboration amongst our global teams.


Project Delivery - Suite of world class tools that enable the efficient and effective delivery of complex transformation programs. Users benefit from:

  • Test management (powered by JIRA) enables and supports the execution of complex testing events
  • Requirements management (Confluence and Jira) enables KPMG teams to consistently document, prioritize, and track client requirements
  • Enterprise modelling (ARIS) supports the design of current and future state enterprise models
  • Project management (Clarizen) enables us to better plan, coordinate and manage large organizational transformations across multiple client businesses and geographies in real-time
  • Project space (Confluence) enables project teams to share, create and elaborate on content, and get work done
  • Maturity assessment (Qualtrics survey) approach designed to evaluate a client against the KPMG 5 point Maturity Models.


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