Top 10 advantages of KMonitor

Top 10 advantages of KMonitor

Are you wondering if KMonitor is a tool for you? Check out 10 reasons why it is worth to use it.

Are you wondering if KMonitor is a tool for you?

The implementation of the KMonitor tool saves time and resources and transfers the organization's efforts from the identification of exceptions and problems to the stage of solving them and monitoring the effects of improvements. The key advantages of the application include:

  1. Quick access to intuitive and interactive reports providing ongoing analysis of process and controls performance;
  2. Immediate cause-effect analysis at the level of single transaction generating problem; Opportunity to create immediate corrective and improvement action plans;
  3. Analysis of entire transaction populations,
  4. Automatic notification of deviations from expected values;
  5. Enhancement of the control environment through process automation, which gives the opportunity to reduce costs; 
  6. Unlimited range of possible applications (data availability is the only limit);
  7. Ability to present data deriving from various sources and systems on a single report;
  8. Easy maintenance (minimum system requirements and full scalability);
  9. Ability to use all data sources (including social media, government organizations data or geopolitical data);
  10. Reports easily accessible on any device (including mobile devices);


KMonitor - guide to the world of data (PDF, 527 KB)
KMonitor – Shared Service Center KPIs reports (895 KB)

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