Procurement Advisory

Procurement Advisory

Change the role of procurement from passive processes coordination to value-adding, strategic activities.

Procurement Advisory enabling cost, process and organization efficiency.

We are a global team of experienced procurement consultants, committed to transformation of procurement function locally and internationally. Together with our clients, we elevate the role and perception of procurement organizations from supportive to strategic ones, delivering value for the entire company.

Awareness of challenges

The role of the procurement organizations goes beyond compliance with the formal requirements and vendor selection, diving into areas more strategic for the organization. This is the stage at which procurement pursues full realization of both process and cost synergies, delivering tangible results for the company.

The value that efficient procurement function can bring is not only a skillful consolidation of expenses, which may lead to subsequent cost management and optimization. It entails supplies and risk management activities and consequently creates a source of competitive advantage.

What distinguishes us?

Value of Procurement - together with our clients we re-shape the role of procurement function by transforming it from administrative support to value-adding, strategic area.  

To this end, we provide the highest quality services, drawing on the experience gathered within our global Center of Excellence for Procurement. We have developed many modern methodologies and advanced tools to optimize the procurement function on the basis of which we realize complex projects of procurement transformation, comprehensive spend  management, implementing efficient business processes and tools.

Result orientation

We deliver unique and innovative solutions which translate into measurable increase in the value of companies that use them. Implemented benefits include, among others, sustainable cost savings, efficient and timely procurement processes, transparent databases, strategic role and positioning of the procurement function.

How we can help:

  • Procurement Maturity Assessment & Health Check
  • Cost optimization & Procurement Controlling 
  • Target Operating Models and organization efficiency 
  • Process & System efficiency 
  • Supplier & Risk Management 

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