Information retention (data archiving) and data agent services

Information retention and data agent services

We support our clients in practically all aspects of data retention.

We support our clients in practically all aspects of data retention.

Long-term data retention as well as efficient and both legally and regulatory compliant information disclosure procedures are becoming key for organizations changing their corporate structure.

After mergers and acquisitions and wind downs, information that has been held by the impacted companies needs to be captured and retained for legal, regulatory as well as business reasons. Archiving and managing that information is challenging for firms as it requires professional handling of electronically and physically stored data, of legally compliant disclosure processes, of sufficient operational resilience as well as of continuous adaptation to constantly changing legal and regulatory requirements. Coming across above mentioned challenges KPMG offers the following professional information retention and data agent services.


Information retention services (data archiving services), including:

  • Identification of the legal, regulatory and business requirements in the area of data retention
  • Development of operational model for data archive, including design of the target process
  • Design of paper and electronic documentation archive and support in its preparation, including support in selection, implementation / configuration of tools such as DMS and platforms for e-mail mailboxes archiving
  • Support in the area of systems archiving, including development of a business data model for repository of data, selection and support in the implementation of ILM tool
  • Comprehensive management of the entire process, including project management office (PMO).


Data agent services, including:

  • Maintaining of the whole archiving infrastructure (outsourcing)
  • Overall steering (managing and supervision) of any sub-contractors in place
  • Qualified search for data and/or documents from archives and delivery of information to stakeholders
  • Providing any other ad hoc services (including legal and tax support) related to the inquiries from stakeholders

We support our clients in practically all aspects of data retention, beginning with the design of the process and solution to providing agent services after its creation. As a result, our clients may focus on their core business. Our experts are ready to comprehensively support your company in the area of data retention and agent services ensuring the compliance with regulatory, business requirements and best market practice.



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