Comprehensive support in security of information, IT systems and industrial control networks.

Cyber security of information assets, IT systems and SCADA infrastructure.

Due to the pace at which IT technology is developing and its complexity, weaknesses in the security of information systems have become a common concern. In addition to this, if the vulnerability of employees to social engineering is taken into consideration, effective protection of information becomes an extremely difficult issue. It is no surprise that nowadays cybercrime is the largest and the fastest growing area of international organized crime. Any company can be a victim of a cyberattack. Even the most technologically advanced corporations have been compromised. How can we take on this challenge?

To face those problems, KPMG has built a regional competence center in Poland, employing experts with deep technical knowledge and extensive experience from hundreds of cybersecurity projects in Poland and around the world.

The KPMG Cybersecurity team provides a wide range of services, taking a comprehensive approach towards protecting information, by securing infrastructure, applications, and taking under consideration the human factor – adequate organization, processes, and employees’ knowledge in the area of information security.

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