Financing and Infrastructure Team (MC Financing)

Financing and Infrastructure Team (MC Financing)

Financial advisory in the organization of financing, refinancing and restructuring, financial modeling, evaluation of investment projects, strategi...

Financing, debt restructuring, EU funds, strategic consulting, financial models.

KPMG is the leading financial advisor in the organization of financing, refinancing and restructuring, financial modeling, evaluation of investment projects, strategic consulting on the Polish market.


KPMG Financing Team is specialized in the area of financing having many years of experience gathered in bank’s departments of transaction structuring, arranging financing for companies, project financing, corporate finance advisory and financial modeling.

Due to the acquired knowledge and experience, KPMG Financing Team will be the right partner for you, ensuring successful project execution for all parties involved.

Our goal is to provide high quality service and professionalism while maintaining the transparency of our activities.


Our services include:

  • Advisory on  arranging new financing and refinancing, restructuring of existing debt both in the banking and debt capital markets, including credits, loans and debt securities issues, eg. in conjunction with:
    • The need to obtain additional financing for new projects or new business strategy
    • The need to obtain financing for the acquisition of another entity
    • The need to diversify funding sources
    • The need / wish to refinance existing obligations in order to obtain more favorable terms
    • The deteriorating financial situation of the company, resulting in lowering the credit rating and violation of financial ratios;
  • Strategic consulting, including the preparation of business strategies, business restructuring plans, verification of investment and acquisition plans, identification of potential areas for efficiency improvements, resulting inter alia from:
    • Formation of a new group or change in existing group, eg. as a result of acquisitions
    • Development of the company by entering new markets / introducing new products
    • The deteriorating financial situation and the need to redefine strategies, to allow the continued operation of the company / group;
  • Preparation of business plans, feasibility studies, analyzes of the economic efficiency of investment projects, eg. in conjunction with:
    • The necessity of arriving by a company’s authorities at a decision regarding realization of a new project
    • The necessity to make an investment decision by an investor intending financial involvement in the project
    • The necessity to make a decision regarding the economic viability of the implementation of the investment project (benefits, obstacles, estimation of the required resources, including financial ones), etc.
    • Obtaining financial resources from the EU funds;
  • Preparing financial models and conducting independent reviews of financial models, in order to inter alia:
    • Obtain financing and determine the optimal financing structure of the company / group
    • Determine the effects of the investment project / revised strategy
    • Review internal cohesion, mathematical accuracy and methodological compliance of the model
    • Overview of the assumptions adopted in the model, in terms of their consistency and compliance with formulas, assumptions or provisions adopted in the project agreements;
  • Development of IBR (Independent Business Review) - Independent Business Analysis, for the purposes of:
    • financial institutions in case of difficulties with repayment of financial obligations or failure to meet the financing conditions
    • revision of the future company’s business strategy, including in the context of the considered disinvestment of one of the shareholders;
  • Preparation of private investor and creditor tests. The purpose of the test is to:
    • Examine whether the economic transaction is in line with market conditions
    • Verify whether the same action would be taken by the independent market investor / creditor in similar circumstances;
  • Consulting on the preparation of internal policies and procedures, including:
    • Financial - defining processes and setting out rules on the management of the financial situation of the company / group
    • Liquidity - defining processes and setting out rules on the management of the liquidity situation of the company / group
    • Dividend - defining processes and setting out rules on the management process related to the payment of dividends
    • Investment - defining processes and setting out rules on the management process related to making investment decisions, both strategic and current;
  • Advising on PPP projects for both the public and private side, including the:
    • On the public side: feasibility studies, the mechanism of remunerating the private partner, the identification and allocation of risks, the analysis of static shots of the project from the point of view of the requirements of the Central Statistical Office / Eurostat, the aspects of state aid, analysis of liabilities of the public side’s, the public sector comparator, market research regarding financial market and industry; preparation of tender documentation
    • The private party: the preparation of feasibility studies of the project, including the documents necessary to obtain approvals of investment, support in the tendering process (negotiations with the site public), structuring and organization of financing, negotiations with subcontractors (suppliers of technology, equipment, construction work), coordination of project tasks and other consultants involved in the project.


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