Bank recovery plans under BRR Directive

Bank recovery plans under BRR Directive

Support in development of recovery plans in acordance with Bank Recovery and Resolution Directive (BRRD).

Support in development of recovery plans in acordance with BRRD.

The BRR Directive requires banks to develop and implement recovery plans, encompassing all material aspects of a bank’s activity. Development of a recovery plan is a complex and time-consuming proces.

The proces of development of a recovery plan requires coordination of variuos areas and units within a bank.


Main components of a recovery plan include:

  • Defining critical fuctions and key business lines
  • Conducting a strategic analysis including description of internal and external interconnections of a bank
  • Development of complex and severe stress test scenarios
  • Development of recovery plan indicators and calibration of their threshold amounts
  • Elaboration of a list of preferred recovery options and assessment of their effectiveness, time frame and impact on the bank and economic environment, using stress tests
  • Development of communication strategies
  • Alignment of recovery plan governance with bank risk management and governance structures.


KPMG support

KPMG offers complex support of recovery plan development process, including in particular methodologies for identification of critical functions and key processes, conducting stress tests, calibration of recovery plan indicators, identification and verification of recovery options.



  • Multidiciplinary team of consultants with experience in conducting stress test and development of recovery options.
  • Benchmarking to best market practices in the area of recovery and resolution from other European countries.
  • Flexible approach to the Client’s needs and expectations.


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