Development and implementation of dedicated IT systems

Development and implementation of dedicated IT systems

In the face of continuous changes in the business environment as well as regulatory requirements, companies are forced to constantly adapt.

In the face of continuous changes in the business environment as well as regulatory req...

In the face of continuous changes in the business environment as well as regulatory requirements, companies are forced to constantly adapt their business processes to new regulatory requirements as well as to optimize them to improve business efficiency.

Often, this entails the need to automate processes through the implementation and / or developing supporting applications / IT tools. Effective implementation of dedicated IT tools / applications requires on the one hand, a deep understanding of the business process and / or regulatory requirement and on the other hand experienced technology team, which in a comprehensive manner will implement the requirements using the latest technologies and the best market standards and practices.


In order to meet these challenges, KPMG offers the following professional services related to development and implementation of dedicated IT systems covering full software development cycle: 

  • Definition and specification of business requirements, including identification and analysis of regulatory requirements
  • Gap analysis in source systems
  • Defining and implementing ETL processes
  • Design of IT systems
  • Software development
  • Software testing
  • Post-implementation service and support
  • Comprehensive management of the entire implementation project.


As part of our service KPMG has designed and implemented with its customers, among others the following tools / applications:

  • IFRS Claculator - application which responds to the changes in accounting standards. The tool supports provision (impairment) and interest income calculation process in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) as well as the process of calculation of income / expenses at amortized cost using effective interest rate.
  • TaxTool - application that optimizes the process of calculation of corporate income tax, VAT tax as well as the process of preparation and workflow of transfer pricing documentation. The application allows among others calculation of tax, generating and sending tax returns as well as VAT ratio calculations and adjustments. Application uses workflow engine to automate the process of circulation of documents related to the preparation of documentation for transfer pricing purposes.
  • VAT Check - application supporting verification and optimization of VAT settlements. Tool enables timely deduction of input VAT, shows the flow of documents between the company and its contractors as well as analyzes the timeliness of VAT invoices correction. In addition, in terms of the bad debt relief, tool calculates VAT due to the recovery and indicates the input VAT for correction.
  • JPK tool - application which responds to changes in tax regulations leading to the implementation Common Data File (Jednolity Plik Kontrolny – JPK). Application allows to import, validate and send the data in the specified format and structure into Ministry of Finance portal using qualified electronic signature. Apart from the formal checks (supplied by Ministry of Finance), additional business checks are implemented allowing identification of deficiencies in the source data at early stage.

KPMG as a company focusing on tax, audit, legal and advisory services, having expertise in virtually all areas related to the conducting of business as well continuously advising its clients on regulatory matters combines business technological knowledge. As a result, we are able to achieve a competitive advantage through a comprehensive approach to development / implementation of IT tools starting from the preparation of the methodology and business aspects to the development of a dedicated supporting system with utilization of the best market practices.



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