KMonitor – Universal business intelligence (BI) platform

Universal business intelligence (BI) platform

KMonitor is a business intelligence tool permitting ongoing analysis of large datasets contained in various IT systems.

KMonitor is a business intelligence tool.

KMonitor is a business intelligence tool permitting ongoing analysis of large datasets contained in various IT systems and, on that basis, real-time monitoring of processes and identification of exceptions and anomalies in the company’s operations.

Nowadays, organizations are overloaded with countless data deriving from various sources. Very often the organization success depends on ability to identify and analyse the key data, and to prepare on this basis valuable and up-to-date analysis.

This is a considerable challenge for many organizations, thus, they seek new ways of accessing significant and up-to-date information on performance of the implemented processes, control mechanisms or risk management in order to enable an immediate reaction to any disturbing trend noticed.

KMonitor will enable you to explore real-time data from all your IT systems, while managerial dashboards will allow you to clearly understand what is happening in your organization and identify any disturbing trend and potential anomalies in the company’s operations straight after their occurrence.

Our offer
Our team offers a wide range of skills within the following areas: data analytics, IT, finance & accounting, risk management, tax and business processes optimisation. 

However what differentiate us from others is a practical experience gained during implementation of business intelligence tools in Poland and internationally. On top of that, we have more than 100 ready-to-use reports containing automatic controls based on source data analysis including key business process in organization.

Within each of the key business areas, KPMG defined a number of controls addressing possible process exceptions and errors or performance monitoring controls.

Apart from ready-to-use solutions, we offer the possibility of designing reports containing tests, KPIs and controls tailor made to individual needs of each organization.


KMonitor - guide to the world of data (PDF, 527 KB)
KMonitor – Shared Service Center KPIs reports (895 KB)

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