Navigating the transformation of your business functions

Technology can transform the way business is done, from strategy through to delivery. Using new and emerging technologies you can maintain competitive advantage and succeed in your digital transformation journey. Conversely, outdated and disparate technology, processes, and service models, can hold you back and make it a struggle to achieve your strategic objectives.

You need the right approach, to transform your business and drive greater value.

Companies that do transform successfully ask the hard questions:

  • Are our business functions manual, slow and siloed?
  • Is our dysfunctional technology driving the wrong behavior?
  • Is our current technology a barrier?
  • Is outdated technology causing profit leaks?
  • Can we use data-driven insights to drive value?
  • Why have our previous transformation efforts failed?

Powered Enterprise helps answer such questions and consists of a set of solutions that help clients transform their business functions. Drawing on our deep functional expertise, we’ve built a wide-ranging set of solutions covering all aspects of function’s operating model. It’s designed to help businesses get to ‘best practice’ quickly and securely, so that they can drive sustainable change and avoid a lot of the pitfalls that can come with traditional approaches to digital transformation.

Build better outcomes

Powered Enterprise includes KPMG’s Target Operating Model, Powered Technology and Powered Evolution. Together they can make your business more responsive, resilient, and competitive—and bring the future within reach, today.

The Target Operating Model helps you establish the design for what your function should look like across processes, people, the service delivery model, technology, performance insights and data, and governance. Through Powered Technology, we work with the world’s leading SaaS companies, to implement pre-built tools and methods that reflect leading practice and incorporate AI and advanced automation to simplify functional transformation.

Powered Evolution is how we continue to support our clients after the initial transformation program is complete. An important characteristic of the cloud or subscription technology is that it’s constantly changing. When new features are delivered by the vendor, or there are changes to an organization, we help to make those changes so that their operating model is up to date.

Powered solutions to support functional transformation

By using the power of leading practice and pre-built digital assets, KPMG Powered Enterprise offers tailored solutions, for better outcomes, across every business function, key industries and major technology platforms.


Powered by function

Powered Enterprise Finance

Powered Enterprise Finance

Drive data led change.

Pre-configured for:

Powered Enterprise | HR

Powered Enterprise HR

Transform your workforce in order to increase the value and flexibility of your business.

Pre-configured for:

Powered Enterprise | Procurement

Powered Enterprise Procurement

How do you unlock the potential of the purchasing department?

Pre-configured for:

Powered Enterprise Supply Chain

Powered Enterprise Supply Chain Management

Optimise your end-to-end supply chain and obtain more insights from it.

Pre-configured for:

Powered Enterprise Cyber

Powered Enterprise Cyber

Building a stronger and more secure digital foundation.

Pre-configured for:

Powered Enterprise Global Business Services

Powered Enterprise Global Business Services

Consumer-grade business services.

Pre-configured for:

Powered Sustainability Services

Powered Sustainability services

Transforming sustainability reporting.

Pre-configured for:

Powered Enterprise Risk

Powered Enterprise Risk

Improve risk management function.

Pre-configured for:

Take a different approach to transformation

Our iterative delivery methodology, backed by the latest Powered Technology, focuses on three key areas: program management, value management and change management.

The power of our KPMG Powered Enterprise can help you:

›   Transform business operations — for better outcomes

›   Help your people to be ready — and to accept long-lasting change

›   Build and evolve agile functions — that meet your changing needs

›   Make the most of new technologies — to deliver greater value and boost performance

›   Power continuous improvement — and drive future success through managed services

›   Be more competitive — by optimizing service delivery and data management


Powered Execution Suite

Program Management | Value Management | Change Management

Vision Icon


Develop and align stakeholders around a common vision of the future target operating model.

Validate Icon


Leverage Powered Enterprise assets to validate and document the ‘to-be’ TOM design layers.

Construct Icon


Build and test each design layer of the TOM using an iterative testing process.

Deploy Icon


Deploy the solution and implement the TOM to users enabled for the new way of working.

Evolove Icon


Complete post go-live support, value realization analysis, project closure procedures and transition to managed services programs, as applicable.


Delivering Powered Enterprise with agility

Agility is embedded in our Powered Enterprise transformation approach. For us, agility is both a mindset but also a way of delivering transformation.

Developing business capabilities in an iterative way gives you the agility to flex to changing needs, and to focus on new sources of value, as you travel along your transformation journey. Embedding agility with our Powered Enterprise approach can help amplify the speed, scale and value of your transformation.

As a proud Gold Partner with Scaled Agile world-wide, we can help you to work with an agile approach, and help you drive agility with scale.

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Connected. Powered. Trusted. and Elevate

Connected. Powered. Trusted. and Elevate is the KPMG suite of business transformation solutions that help clients get to a more productive and sustainable future. The solutions are designed to address different client challenges and different parts of a business or a operating model. Each one contains rich insights and is underpinned by our leading transformation methodology.

KPMG digital transformation suite

T r a n s f o r m a t i o n J o u r n e y Rebuild your business, end to end, around your customers. Connected Drive outcome- driven functional transformation. Powered Build and sustain the trust of your stakeholders. Trusted Scalable Managed Services E l e v a t e U n l o c k fi n a n c i a l v a l u e q u i c k l y a n d c o n d e n t l y .
Rebuild your business, end to end, around your customers. Connected Drive outcome- driven functional transformation. Powered Build and sustain the trust of your stakeholders. Trusted T r a n s f o r m a t i o n J o u r n e y Scalable Managed Services E l e v a t e U n l o c k fi n a n c i a l v a l u e q u i c k l y a n d c o n d e n t l y .