Businesses are constantly facing new challenges and threats, making it crucial to stay vigilant and adapt to the constantly evolving digital landscape. Cyber threats are evolving rapidly, and organizations are increasingly reliant on technology to operate and scale. In order to stay competitive, organizations need to transform their operations and build more customer-centric services. However, this also means that they need to maintain digital trust, stay ahead of evolving cyber threats, and comply with regulatory requirements.

Improving your cybersecurity posture, resilience and digital trust

Cyber transformations are essential for achieving these goals. They help organizations improve their cybersecurity posture, develop effective incident response plans, and implement advanced technologies to detect and respond to cyber threats. KPMG's Cyber Transformation suite offers a range of services to help your organization to achieve these goals, including cyber strategy, risk management, and capability development.

Through Cyber Transformation, you can proactively identify and mitigate cyber risks, detect and respond to cyber incidents, and continuously improve  your cybersecurity capabilities. This not only helps you maintain their reputation, finances, and operations, but also helps you comply with regulatory requirements and build trust with your customers and stakeholders.

Overall, Cyber Transformation provides a comprehensive and integrated solution to transform cybersecurity operations and posture, increasing overall resilience and digital trust. By embracing this transformation, your organization can build a stronger and more secure digital foundation to drive business forward.

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Cyber Transformation Services

As businesses navigate a constantly changing landscape of risks and compliance requirements, it's essential to approach risk as a competitive advantage. Organizations that do so have the potential to become industry leaders, reap benefits from innovation, and earn consumer trust and market share.

KPMG minimizes this risk and uncertainty through Powered Risk, a suite of proven operating models, enabled by SaaS-based modern technologies that enable rapid business modernization.

With our Target Operating Model consistently applied across all functions, you can confidently adopt processes that are designed to move with the future while developing a change culture with your people — so that positive, functional change simply becomes a way of working life.

Our Powered Cyber service enables organizations to protect themselves against cyber threats and manage their cybersecurity risks. It includes services such as threat intelligence, vulnerability management, and incident response. Powered Cyber helps organizations build resilience and maintain trust in their digital systems and processes by proactively identifying and mitigating cyber risks, detecting and responding to cyber incidents, and complying with regulatory requirements. This comprehensive and integrated solution reduces the impact of cyber incidents and increases overall resilience and digital trust.

KPMG's Powered Identity is a suite of identity and access management (IAM) solutions that helps organizations manage and secure their digital identities, including governance, access management, and privileged access management. It is valuable for organizations, as it helps to maintain control over digital identities, reduces the risk of unauthorized access and data breaches, and ensures regulatory compliance. Powered Identity is an efficient and effective IAM solution that increases security and reduces risk.

Build resilience and trust into your organization's strategy by being agile, connected, data-driven, and tech-enabled. KPMG offers a comprehensive approach that includes clear leadership accountability, embedding resilience throughout the organization, using data to identify and manage vulnerabilities, and reducing disruption to the customer experience while complying with local regulations. With a focus on innovation and service-based solutions, we help your organization plan the right resource investment for stability and establish service disruption recovery and communication plans, supporting their viability and broader financial market stability while maintaining brand reputation.

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