Changes are effective and transformations succeed because of trust in what the organisation does and what it intends to do; trust from customers, employees, suppliers, supervisors, financiers and the community within which an organisation operates. How does your organisation gain that trust? How is it maintained and how can it be restored if it has been damaged? KPMG can help you with a comprehensive approach.

Trust is indispensable for renewal

People are creatures of habit. They are not immediately eager for change, especially not if they are happy with what they already know. But your organisation wants to move forward, to grow, to renew. This is why trust is indispensable for renewal: only when your stakeholders have positive expectations of your organisation's activities will they be open to the change and renewal that you are proposing.

Even in organisations that seem to be confident in the loyalty of their partners, prestige and trust can be damaged. Actively addressing trust is therefore a task that no organisation can ignore. You need the trust of every stakeholder to be able to take the necessary steps together.

Achieving a trustworthy and transparent organisation

For this purpose, KPMG has developed the Trusted approach. The Trusted approach focuses on legal and regulatory compliance, sustainability (ESG) and cyber security, the risk areas that are at the heart of the fundamental changes that many sectors are going through.

The issues mentioned above are not something you address after the fact, but are key elements in the change process that your organisation is undergoing. What if the risks of this digitalisation process are not tackled with discipline? What if incidents arise? What if stakeholders do not feel that the organisation is acting in their best interest? Then it becomes clear that trust is a prerequisite for everything the organisation does: only on the basis of trust can you apply those new technologies, enter those new markets, offer those new customer experiences. With Trusted, you create that trust.

You create trust among your stakeholders when they see and recognise these characteristics in everything the organisation does: in its purpose and strategy, in its culture, in its leadership and management, in its governance, in its systems and processes, and of course in its products, services and operations.

Trusted imperative

This is how a Trusted organisation acquires trust, in the deep understanding that this trust is essential for its continued existence. KPMG would like to discuss with you how you can achieve this.