Companies face all kinds of integrity risks, for example the risk of fraud, corruption, data breaches, theft, abuse of power and unfair competition. It is important not only to detect these integrity risks in timely fashion and respond adequately to them, but also to prevent them as far as possible.

Achieving the highest possible level of integrity

KPMG Forensic supports companies in achieving the highest possible level of integrity. We do so by supporting them in prevention, detection and response with regard to fraud, corruption and other forms of illegal and transgressive conduct. In addition, we help customers control the costs and risks arising from disputes, investigations and enforcement.

Fast access to forensic experts

What sets us apart is our speed: we are there for you where and when you need us, and we act quickly. We support firms with tailored innovative solutions. With our years of experience, we are effective in the support we deliver to companies and we are able to offer the desired insights objectively and independently, even in highly complex and/or sensitive cases.

KPMG Forensic is the umbrella under which we supply a wide range of services. These services are divided into the following subject areas:

  • Integrity (risk management) & Culture
  • Financial/economic crime
  • Compliance
  • Fraud & Incidents
  • Forensic & Compliance Technology

In order to answer your questions as effectively as possible, we work with experienced professionals from various disciplines such as accountancy, business administration, law, data analytics and criminology. Based on your issue, we put together an expert team, supported by advanced methods and instruments and the latest technologies.

KPMG Forensic has 75 professionals in the Netherlands and was established in 1993. As a team, we are intrinsically motivated to help our customers do the right thing and place a premium on delivering the highest quality. We have a strong worldwide Forensic network of 3500 professionals. Together, we offer our services in the approximately 150 countries in which KPMG operates.