In order to enable our digital visitors to use the KPMG website, we are constantly working to make it as accessible and user-friendly as possible for different target groups. To make sure it can be also be viewed on all devices, Global KPMG provides regular digital updates and development so that our site complies with the requirements for digital accessibility.

On this page, you can read what the requirements are and what they mean for you.

We are accessible if our website is easy to:

  • find
  • use
  • view
  • understand

Our site must also work well with all:

  • search engines
  • internet browsers
  • different devices and screen formats (desktop, mobile and tablet)

In order to give everybody access to our information and services, our website offers, among other things:

  • Images: informative images, i.e. images depicting visual actions, linked to an alt text (descriptive text). Screen reader software can then include this text when reading a webpage aloud. Images which only have a decorative function are not provided with alt texts.
  • PDFs: we are working to make our PDF documents accessible. PDF documents can also be accessed through a web browser; for more information, visit the Adobe Access website.
  • Audio files: You can listen to KPMG podcasts on a media player such as Windows Media Player, RealPlayer or iTunes.

Having problems using our website because it is not accessible enough? If so, you can submit your question or comment to us in writing via this form.