Every company is different and every tax issue requires a specific approach. Which is why Meijburg & Co always offers custom solutions.

We put together the right team, tailored to our client’s culture and way of working. Our advisors are proactive, client-driven and have excellent technical expertise. We are guided by facts and provide reliable and objective, high-quality tax advice. Where necessary, we work closely with our KPMG colleagues abroad, generally coordinating the international fiscal consultancy.

Our experience and high quality form the solid foundation on which our practice is based. We combine this with a keen eye for innovation and are conscious that the application of technology plays an ever greater role for our clients, the tax and customs administration and our own consultancy.

Solving complex fiscal issues

Taxation is an everyday phenomenon. Whether that is corporation tax, income tax, VAT, excise or other duties, it is something everyone has to deal with. Fiscal legislation and regulations are exceedingly complex and without good fiscal support, you can find yourself facing an excessive tax burden and strained relationships with public authorities or other stakeholders. So it is important to have a committed fiscal advisor who you can trust for high-quality advice. And thanks to our corporate law specialists at Meijburg Legal, smooth legal implementation of our fiscal advice is also assured.

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